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Things You Didn’t Know About Amish Furniture:
From your Wood Furniture Store

Amish furniture makers are responsible for some of the most beautiful, high quality pieces of furniture around. Intricate craftsmanship paired with high quality hardwoods makes authentic Amish furniture not only practical and long lasting, but also priceless works of art, earning a place in homes for generations on end. Here are a few of the many aspects that separate Amish furniture makers from the rest including style, quality of materials, and culture!

Quality Hardwood

When it comes to furniture, you will only find solid wood. Amish furniture makers utilize only natural materials, resulting in not only higher quality pieces but also more attractive designs. Every piece of hardwood furniture is carefully made through a time tested process, using solid hardwood that is built to last. In addition to only using solid wood, Amish craftsmen are even careful within those parameters as they closely inspect each piece of wood, holding it to a high standard for use. Every detail is carefully accounted for to ensure that a high quality finished product will be the end result. 

Earth Friendly

Amish furniture makers are naturally some of the most eco friendly when it comes to their production process. For starters, Amish woodworkers only utilize wood that is locally sourced, not imported from all over the world or country. Additionally, Amish craftsmen utilize organic finishes to create their durable furniture pieces. Not to mention, because of the high quality wood and timeless designs, Amish furniture won’t need replacement. Instead, what is now your favorite armchair can be passed down to future generations to become a prized family heirloom. 


Every part of Amish furniture is specially crafted by hand to create unique artisan products that stand the test of time. One of the many benefits of investing in Amish hardwood furniture is the fact that every piece is a little bit different, even in the sense that each piece of wood has specific characteristics making the final product a truly unique piece. Instead of having to replace your favorite furniture pieces, you will be able to enjoy the enduring work of an artist who put their heart and soul into creating a functional focal point for your home. 

Tailored Designs

One of the great benefits of choosing Amish furniture is the ability to have a customized design. Instead of searching online for pieces of furniture that are similar to what you are picturing, you can visit a local furniture showroom to find the piece you are dreaming of, or request a piece customized with the perfect species of hardwood or the exact shade of finish you’ve been searching for. Amish woodworkers are artists and are happy to be commissioned to combine their craft with your desire to create the perfect fit for your home! 

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