A solid wood table (Woodside Barn Loft Trestle Bench)

Simple Ways To Add Rustic Style To Your Space:
Tips from Your Amish Wood Furniture Store

Rustic is a broad style of home decor. When most people think rustic they imagine antlers, log cabins, and lots of leather. However, the truth is that ‘rustic’ encompasses many different styles. It can also be attained through simple measures if one understands the basics. If you are looking for easy ways to make your interior more rustic, then here are some key factors that can make the change painless.

Remember the Top Characteristics: Natural and Handmade

There are several identifiers of a rustic style, but two of these often stand out: natural and handmade. A key component to a rustic style is the use of natural materials. You want the overall feel to have a prevailing earthiness. This means using items made out of organic materials like wood and leather, such as a solid oak dining table or other solid wood table. A great place to look for leather and hardwood furniture and accents is from Amish woodworkers, whose materials are not only all natural, but usually obtained using eco-friendly practices as well.

Another characteristic to look for is handmade. Handmade furniture is attractive and rustic in its simplicity. It forgoes fancy geometric shapes for basic designs. Handmade furniture also adds emphasis to the materials it utilizes. Amish wood furniture in particular is created carefully, with every piece of hardwood examined by the builders to ensure the highest quality of appearance and durability.

Emphasize What You Already Have

The first part of any style change is determining what you already have. If you want to go rustic do not just toss everything out. You may be surprised at the amount of rustic-worthy furnishings you already have. Also, take a gander at the room itself. You may already have some natural materials in your walls and ceiling just waiting to be emphasized. A great shortcut can be found by taking the rustic elements you already have and building the rest of the space around them. A rustic stone fireplace goes perfectly with hardwood living room furnishings.

Get Creative

As previously mentioned, a great way to transition to any new style, including a rustic style, is to start with what you already have and let your creativity flow. If you already love your dining room but wish it had a rustic touch, try a hardwood curio or cabinet or a solid wood table. You can even work with smaller details, such as utilizing mason jars for decoration or useful storage. A stylish jewelry cheval can add a rustic touch to your bedroom without requiring major changes.

Go One Piece at a Time

Another easy and cost-effective option is adding one piece at a time. A space can be completely transformed by a single addition. It can be a leather couch. It can be a wooden coffee table. You may be surprised by how much a single piece can alter the feel of a room. You also do not have to stop. Just add another rustic-themed piece whenever you can and eventually your space will be completely transformed.

Find Your Perfect Solid Wood Table or Accent Piece

Looking for the perfect hardwood furniture pieces to compliment your style? Visit Amish Oak in Texas at either of our New Braunfels or San Antonio furniture stores to see a wide selection of handcrafted Amish wood furniture. Whether you’re looking for a solid wood table (such as a solid oak dining table) or a smaller accent piece, you may just find the perfect way to add rustic style to your home!

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