Live Edge Oak Table with decorative centerpiece

Advantages Of A Live Edge Oak Table
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A timeless piece of furniture many homeowners love to use in their decor is a live edge table. Live edge furniture not only has a natural aesthetic that works well with a variety of styles, it’s also a long lasting design that will serve your family for decades. Curious about what else makes live edge tables so popular? Keep reading below to learn more.

What is a Live Edge Table?

Live edge tables utilize the natural beauty of a tree. A piece of furniture with a “live edge” is one that displays the outer rings of the tree, with only the bark removed. This allows the natural appearance of the wood to be appreciated by anyone using that furniture. These pieces add a natural touch to all furniture styles, and are especially beloved by western and rustic style decorators.

How are Live Edge Tables Made?

The process of crafting live edge tables is similar to how Amish builders create their classic oak tables. The wood is chosen by the builder from sustainably sourced trees, and handcrafted using traditional techniques passed down by Amish craftsmen. One special aspect of live edge table design is how efficiently the necessary wood is cut. Since live edge furniture utilizes the outer edge of the tree, there is barely any wood wasted when crafting these pieces.

Different Styles of Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables utilize the natural shape and appearance of the wood they are created with. Because of this, the varieties are nearly endless. Customization is also available, adding even more options to the available choices. These can include the type of wood used, which can affect the color and appearance of the table, the type of finish used to complete the piece, and more. The final choice depends on your tastes.

What to Look for in a Live Edge Table

A lot of skill, care, and attention to detail goes into crafting live edge furniture. You can be sure to get the best quality live edges tables and furniture by using a reputable furniture store. Furniture handcrafted by Amish builders is a particularly great category to search in. As mentioned previously, Amish craftsmen use traditional, time-tested skills to create furniture that is not only beautiful, but that will last your family for generations.

Caring for a Live Edge Table

Caring for a live edge table in your home is as simple as caring for any solid wood furniture you have. Regular dusting and cleaning helps to keep your table looking like new throughout the years. If your live edge table is a dining table, keeping the surface protected from heat by using place mats and hot pads is a great tip. For more tips about caring for your beautiful, solid wood furniture, take a look at our Furniture Care information.

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