Solid wood Amish furniture living room arrangement

Art of Arranging Your Amish Solid Wood Furniture: Living Room

Many people choose to furnish their homes with gorgeous hardwood Amish furniture, both for its appearance and longevity. Once you’ve found the furniture you want, you get to arrange it in your home. This is often an exciting task for homemakers, and there are many different ways to approach furniture arrangement. Here are some popular guidelines that can provide a bit of inspiration for those arranging their Amish furniture in a living room.

Dividing Your Floor Plan

Some living room spaces are quite large, depending on your floor plan. These rooms can be a new challenge to arrange. You don’t want the space to feel empty, but neither do you want to put too much in it and end up with a cluttered space. Try dividing up the room into different areas that still work together. An example could be having a seating area with a sofa and chairs around a coffee table separate from a dining table with its own seating.

Finding a Focal Point

Living room spaces often feature a noticeable focal point in the room. This could be a variety of things, such as a television that the family gathers to watch together, or a fireplace where people gather to talk. You can orient your Amish furniture to accommodate this focal point. Ensure that it is easy to access the area, and that the seating doesn’t exclude anyone from the area by having too much space between seats or having any facing away from the rest.

Consider Traffic in the Room

Another excellent way to decide how to arrange your hardwood furniture is to take a moment and think about what traffic the space receives. Consider where people usually enter and exit the room and make sure that your furniture enhances this route. Since you know where your focal point is now, make sure that the traffic in the room doesn’t interrupt it. For example, you wouldn’t want your television and your sofa on opposite sides of the path most often taken through the room.


The living room is usually the space in a home where people gather to talk. Whether it’s for a family game night, or entertaining visitors, it’s a good idea for your living room space to accommodate for conversation. The arrangement of your furniture can greatly affect how comfortable people feel conversing, so don’t be afraid to try out different ideas to find what works for you. Connection is a great feeling to work towards in your arrangement. Try keeping your seating connected by placing a solid wood dining table so that it is shared by everyone in the seating area.

Using Your Solid Wood Dining Tables

Speaking of tables, a solid hardwood coffee table can be a great finishing touch to a living room space. This is an excellent place to put board games, or snacks for a movie night. As mentioned previously, the placement of a table can help bring a space together. Consider placing your table in the middle of a seating space, making sure that it is in easy reach for everyone in the area. Another popular placement idea for your Amish made coffee table is near the largest seating spot, usually in front of or to the side of a sofa, or even between two armchairs.

The most important part of how you arrange your living room furniture is that you enjoy it. A living room is where people come together, and you want to be comfortable there. The arrangement that you lets you enjoy the space the most is the perfect one. Still looking for the right high quality furniture pieces for your living room space? Visit Amish Oak in Texas at either of our New Braunfels or San Antonio, TX furniture showrooms to view a selection of our fine, handcrafted Amish solid wood furniture.