Solid wood table with bench seating

Benefits Of Bench Seating In Your Dining Room:
Insight from Your San Antonio Furniture Store

If there is one thing that bonds most people in our society, it is gathering together to enjoy a good meal in a friend or family member’s home. Bonding with neighbors in the dining room is a tradition that dates back for centuries, and we know the importance of choosing the right decor for your dinner guests to sit comfortably and enjoy an evening together. 

While you might immediately picture a table with a handful of individual chairs around it, the benefits of utilizing bench seating is causing many people to do away with some of those chairs and invest in beautifully handcrafted Dining Room Set with Bench Seating. Not only are dining room benches functional, but they add a certain level of sleek elegance that you and your dinner guests will love. Here are a few benefits of choosing bench seating for your dining room arrangement. 

Uncluttered Arrangement

Separate chairs have a tendency to create a slightly cluttered look, especially in the dining room. This is heightened during those evenings where you try to add more chairs that do not fit to accommodate larger parties. Even if you have the same amount of seats on a bench available as you would with chairs, the concept of a single piece of furniture creates a sleek, clean, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

More Seating Space

On top of offering a less cluttered look, dining room benches actually offer more space for people to sit! Based on the design alone, two individual chairs can be traded for a bench that can seat three. This allows you to comfortably gather more friends and family members around your table to make your favorite memories together.

Extra Storage Space

If you find yourself in need of some extra storage space, benched seating might be the perfect answer! While some benches are designed with your typical four legs and open space underneath, some benches are built specifically to add more storage underneath. This lets you have both a beautiful seating arrangement and allows you to hide what could be cluttering your living space! Need a place for art supplies, extra dining wear, or decorative blankets? Consider beautifully handcrafted wood benches. 

Easier Cleaning

When you trade your chairs in for a bench, you will find the task of cleaning under the table and chair area much simpler. Instead of moving multiple individual pieces of furniture, you can easily slide or move your bench out of the way and sweep and mop to your heart’s content. And cleaning bench seating is an easier task, too! While chairs have more corners, grooves, and more material all together, benches have longer, smoother surfaces that make it easy to care for the solid wood they are made from. Because benches are so much simpler to properly dust, the wood will look beautiful and healthy for years to come!

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