Wooden Drop Table

Taking Care Of Your Solid Wood Dining Table

Buying a wooden dining table is a major investment and taking care of it is important. Whether you use your wooden dining table every day or just for special occasions, taking care of your solid wood table will help it last longer and keep it looking beautiful. Here are a few tips on taking care of a wooden dining table.


The best way to take care of your wooden table is by taking certain precautions to prevent damage from occurring. Covering the table is a great way to protect it. A table cloth and a table pad can provide a layer of protection against scratches and other damage. If you want the table to be seen, you can use a clear table cloth to cover it. Coasters and place mats provide protection from condensation, hot pots or plates, and spills.


The environment of your home can affect the quality of your wooden table. Direct sunlight can cause the wood in the table to fade so don’t place the wooden table too close to windows that let in a lot of sunlight. Too much or too little humidity in the air can cause the wood to warp, split, or swell so you may want to adjust the humidity level in your home to be between 40 and 45 percent.


It is important to keep your wooden table clean and take care of any problems that do happen in a timely manner. When cleaning the table use a damp cloth instead of a dry one. The type of cloth that you use also matters because certain fabrics can scratch the table. You should used something soft such as:

  • Cheesecloth
  • T-shirt
  • No-scratch sponge
  • Other soft cotton cloths

A great brand often recommended to use for cleaning is Guardsman®, who offers cotton dusting clothes made specifically for solid wood furniture. In addition, make sure you use chemicals that aren’t too harsh, such as detergent or mineral spirits. Test them in an inconspicuous location on the table to make sure it won’t harm the wood before you put the chemical all over the table. Guardsman offers a variety of specially formulated cleaners for solid wood furniture.

Scratches, Dings, and Dents


When attempting to remove or cover scratches from a solid wood dining table, there are a variety of suggested remedies. There are many home remedies available. Many furniture showrooms and furniture repair professionals can also provide suggestions and advice for repairing scratches. Guardsman® offers a variety of remedies for scratches, such as their Wood Repair Touch-Up Markers®.


Dings to the furniture finish can usually be repaired at home. Simply use a craft knife to remove any remaining finish around the ding. Clean the area thoroughly and apply new finish to the spot and don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t blend immediately. Let the finish dry for about 24 hours then buff the spot. Wax and polish your table and the ding should blend in. It is generally recommended to speak to a furniture repair professional before attempting a home remedy.


Small dents can usually easily be fixed with water or wood-swelling liquid. Simply use sandpaper to remove the finish around the dent (not much, about a 1/2 inch area). Apply a few drops of water to the dent and leave it for about 24 hours. If the dent is deep, you could try using pins to poke holes in the wood so that the water can penetrate the wood better. After the dent is gone and the wood is dry, apply new finish to the spot, then wax and polish the table. Again, it is generally recommended to speak to a furniture repair professional before attempting a home remedy.

If you would like more information about caring for a solid wood dining table, contact Amish Oak in Texas, or visit either of our showrooms in New Braunfels, TX or San Antonio, TX.