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Choosing The Right Furniture Polish

A good furniture polish is incredibly handy when it comes to maintaining the wood or leather of your furniture. Even if your furniture is barely used, wood and leather products are known to lose their shine over time. However, going to the store and selecting any furniture polish isn’t enough to keep your heirloom furniture in great shape. Knowing what’s in these polishes is important in order to find the right one. There are certain chemicals in some polishes that can do more harm than good. Fortunately, we have compiled some information for you that should help you find the right furniture polish that will keep your furniture in great shape.

Finding the Right Furniture Polish

Knowing what’s inside furniture polish is key to making the right decision when it comes to purchasing. The most critical factor is the ingredients that are used to create the polish. Always ensure that your polish includes natural ingredients in its mixture. If the polish contains petro-chemicals, gum turps, or silicon, they can harm your wood in the process of cleaning it. Not only are they harmful to the furniture, but they can be harmful to your health too.

Why You Should Avoid These Chemicals

As mentioned previously, these chemicals can be hazardous to your health and to your furniture. Here is some more information on why they cause such detrimental effects.


Petro-Chemicals are oftentimes found in aerosol polishes. These create toxic fumes that can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, and “polish” your furniture poorly. It is highly recommended that you avoid these chemicals altogether when searching for a furniture polish.


This is an incredibly common ingredient used in furniture polishes that causes more issues on the surface of the furniture than we realize. Applying the silicone to the surface of wood applies a new layer that tends to bubble instead of adhering to the surface that it is supposed to polish. This creates an uneven surface if used regularly over time, which can damage the furniture beyond repair.

Gum Turps

This ingredient can cause skin irritation and toxicity if used regularly. Gum turps are used to ensure that the polish is soft when it is being stored in the can, and causes a drying effect on the wax when it is applied onto the surface of your furniture. Gum turps have been known to leave an oily finish which is hard to remove from the wood once it has been applied. Do yourself a favor and avoid this one altogether.

What to Look for Instead

When it comes to finding the right furniture polish, you want to ensure that your wood is being taken care. Many professional furniture care companies, such as Guardsman, make products specially formulated to help your furniture last through the years. Guardsman Anytime Clean & Polish products do a great job of protecting and polishing furniture. Aside from these products, all-natural furniture polish can also be a viable option.

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