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Cleaning Tips For Fine Leather Furniture
From furniture store in New Braunfels TX

There is nothing better than a beautiful leather sofa or loveseat to give your space an extra touch of elegance. On top of being an aesthetically pleasing option for your room, leather is very easily maintained if you take the right approach. Depending on the type of leather, cleaning your furniture is simple, quick, and will let you keep your sofa looking beautiful for years to come!

Know Your Leather

There are many different types of leather. Knowing how to care for your specific type can help prolong keep it beautiful. You can most likely find out the type based on the color, feel, and appearance, but the quickest way is to check with your local furniture store expert. While there are many different types of leather (full grain, top grade, etc), there are two categories to pay close attention to for care: protected and unprotected leather. 

Aniline Leather

Many luxurious leather pieces are made with aniline leather and are considered “unprotected.” Aniline leather is dyed exclusively with soluble dyes, and it does not have a top surface or coat, allowing the fabric to maintain its authentic appearance and feel. This type of full-aniline leather is typically very soft to the touch and retains a natural surface appearance. 

Semi-Aniline Leather

Another popular type of leather used in fine furniture is made with “finished” or “protected leather” which might also be labeled as semi-aniline or aniline plus pigmented leather. This protected leather typically has a more shiny appearance to it, which is what that extra pigment is. That top coat is what causes the leather to feel a little more firm and smooth compared to unprotected leather pieces, and it is also what helps your leather stay resistant to liquid and other substances that could accidentally come in contact with your furniture. 

Cleaning Aniline Leather

Because unprotected leather is so sensitive, it is important to follow your furniture expert’s cleaning recommendations for these pieces. It is often recommend to do little more than to dust this material gently with a clean, soft cloth, such as Guardsman® Wipes for Leather, which are made specifically for use on leather covered furniture. You can also vacuum your furniture regularly with a soft brush attachment. If necessary, you could use a clean cloth dampened lightly with distilled water, but keep in mind that this material is sensitive to liquids. Ask your local furniture store experts for advice if you aren’t sure what to use.

Cleaning Semi-Aniline Leather

Protected leather is very resistant to liquid and products, which can give you a few more cleaning options. After vacuuming your furniture with a soft bristled attachment, you can mix a non detergent soap with distilled water and apply your solution with a microfiber cloth. Before doing this on a large portion, try it out on a smaller, more hidden piece of the furniture in order to ensure that the material will not react to your cleaning solution. This will help keep your leather furniture beautiful, brightening up your room and adding that little bit of charm we all hope to achieve in our home and office spaces. 

When dealing with any type of leather furniture, stay away from cleaning solutions with harsh ingredients. Instead, look for cleaning and conditioning products made specifically for leather furniture. As mentioned previously, you can also ask your local furniture store experts. They will know the best options for products to use on your leather, and will likely even have them available. If you’re unsure of the best method for cleaning your fine leather furniture, contact Amish Oak in Texas, a furniture store in San Antonio and New Braunfels, TX, to learn more about your leather cleaning options.