Decorating a home with wood floors with hardwood Amish furniture

Combining Wood Furniture & Wood Floors

Hardwood furniture is always a beautiful, timeless choice for homemakers. With the popularity of wood flooring, many homemakers are looking for new ways to combine their favorite hardwood furniture and their wood flooring to create a stylish interior that they’ll love. Decorators often aim to furnish their home in a way that both suits their tastes and reflects their style. Below are some suggestions for finding the perfect combination of quality hardwood furniture and wood flooring in your home.

Complement Your Wood Floor

Choosing quality hardwood furniture pieces that complement your floor will bring out the beauty of your flooring and highlight the elegance of the furniture. Amish hardwood furniture is a great option. Not only are these handmade pieces made to last for a lifetime, but this heirloom furniture can also be customized, giving decorators plenty of options to choose from.

How do you decide which hardwood furniture pieces will complement your wood flooring? To find out what goes well with your floor, you’ll have to learn a little about the floors themselves. Here are a few characteristics you might look for in your flooring:

  • Type of Wood
  • Grain Patterns
  • Type of Finish

Once you know more about your flooring you can start looking for the perfect furniture to mix with it. It can also be helpful to take a sample of your flooring with you when you visit a furniture showroom. You can also bring a photo along if you don’t have a flooring sample.

Mix or Match Hardwood Species

One method of combining hardwood furniture with your wood floors is to look at the types of wood used. Find out what type of wood is used in your floor, then look for hardwood furniture pieces crafted from a species that complements it.

The type of species used in hardwood furniture can affect many aspects of the piece’s appearance, such as its color, tone, and grain pattern. As an example, many species of oak and elm have open grain patterns, while other species, such as brown maple and cherry, have close grain patterns.

Consider Hardwood Grain Patterns

Which type of grain a hardwood species has is determined by the pores in the wood. Species like oak that are open grain have larger pores that result in visible patterns in the wood, while species that are close grain, such as cherry, have smaller pores and more intricate patterns.

Wood grain can help when choosing hardwood furniture to go with your wood floors. If you’d like to create a contrast between your furniture and floor, choosing pieces made of a species with a grain different from that of your wood floor is a great way to do so. If you’re designing with a matching look in mind, choose furniture with the same grain as the wood in your floor.

Take a Look at Finishes

The type of finish a piece of hardwood furniture has also makes a difference in the piece’s appearance. Finishes enhance the original color of the wood, giving homemakers plenty of color choices to use with their wood floor. The finish you choose can help give your home the exact style you’ve envisioned.

Many homemakers prefer to have more than one finish between their hardwood furniture pieces and wood floor. A helpful decorating tip is to choose one dominant finish and two or three others that combine to create the style you want. The dominant finish helps pull the room together, while the other finishes add some attractive variety.

Creating an Updated Look

There are many different ways to show your style by mixing beautiful hardwood furniture and classic wood floors. You can create bold contrasts by choosing different hardwood species and varying grain patterns between your furniture and floor. Some homemakers prefer to unify their decor by choosing a matching element, such as keeping the same type of hardwood finish. Each different style of hardwood furniture can bring a new element to your wood floors.

No matter what style you’ve chosen for your home, we’re here to help you create it. For more information, or to view a selection of our heirloom quality Amish furniture, visit Amish Oak in Texas at either of our showrooms in New Braunfels and San Antonio, TX.