A picture of an office filled with beautiful Georgetown hardwood furniture.

Creating The Perfect Home Office

Broad social trends have seen a relatively new emergence: the home office. Where employees were previously expected to show up to the office every day, this is longer the case for many in the workforce. Improvements in technology over time made this possible, and the pandemic made it a necessity for many. For those who work from home, attend online classes, or have work that needs to be done while away from the office, having a comfortable, functional home office is important.

A recent poll found that nearly 74% of people who were permitted to work from home took advantage of the opportunity, as opposed to just 20% before 2020. In a study conducted by the University of Minnesota of Fortune 500 companies that offered remote work options, remote employees felt more productive, had less burnout, and reported more job satisfaction compared to those who worked solely in the office. If you have been dreading your work from home experience or are in need of a home office for any other reason, then you just need the right design!

Try a Bookcase for Your Video Call Backgrounds

You should like the way your office space looks, and with the reality of Zoom calls being a new normal for many in the foreseeable future, creating a home office space you enjoy can only help you in the long run. This means picking out the right color scheme, accessories, and furniture that can be placed around your work area while minimizing the negative space behind you. Framed posters, photos, and artwork are a great way to fill your walls, and another option that can work well is a bookcase. Large standing bookcases naturally break up the empty space behind you, and a hand-crafted solid wood piece can project a sense of professionalism during your video calls. If your current home library isn’t large enough to fill a bookshelf, thrift stores and yard sales can be a great place to pick up all the books you could need—including classic works!

Find a Desk That Suits Your Needs

There are many sizes and designs to choose from when it comes to your desk, so you should go with an option that best suits your needs. If you need to keep physical copies of forms, reference books, and other paperwork, a desk with a lot of storage will come in handy. Some desks offer features such as secondary upper shelving to store larger items, and this extra space is great for photos and other things that help maintain a productive mindset at work.

You can also opt for a large wraparound desk so that you have space to put dual computer monitors. Desks with locks can be used to store sensitive information or to keep children out of the drawer, especially if you choose a sturdy solid wood option. If you need more storage space than just a desk, a great option is to make use of filing cabinets, giving yourself more options for organizing documents in a way that works for you. If your remote work extends beyond just using a computer, or if you wish to hide your work area when not working, then a rollaway desk with a closeable top might be perfect for you. 

Don’t Skimp on Your Chair

A comfortable chair is another important item to have in your home office. Sitting in poorly-made chairs for hours on end can lead to cumulative damage to your nerves, joints and muscles. One of the first things you should do before committing to a purchase is to try out as many options as you can before choosing the one that feels most comfortable to you. As you will likely spend many hours sitting in your office, do yourself a favor and don’t skimp on your chair—your body will thank you!

Remember to Choose Quality Furniture

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time at work in your office, it’s important to choose high quality furniture that’s built to last. Whether you need an impressive bookcase, a sturdy and functional desk, or the ergonomic comfort of sitting in a skillfully-crafted chair, Amish-made furniture is an ideal choice for completing your home office. Find your perfect fit from Amish Oak in Texas at either our San Antonio or New Braunfels showrooms today!