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Crypton Fabrics: How To Treat Heavy Stains

In the previous article the process of treating light stains on Crypton fabric was addressed. But what about stains that aren’t so light? For heavier stains, the cleaning materials and process can slightly differ.

Overview of Crypton Fabric

As stated in the previous article, Crypton fabric is made to be as stain resistant and water resistant as possible, so that any water-based liquids accidentally spilled on the fabric will not be soaked up. This is done using a moisture shield that prevents accidental spills from soaking into the cushion beneath the fabric, which can extend the life of the cushions. Also note that Crypton fabric is made with the inhibition of bacterial growth in mind. If necessary, the fabric can be disinfected and deodorized using a specially made Crypton sanitizer.

Medium to Heavy Stains on Crypton Fabric

If an accidental spill leaves a light stain on a piece of furniture with a Crypton fabric covering, visit our previous article for a simple cleaning technique. When the stain won’t lift with the aforementioned method, Crypton fabric owners might consider using a steam cleaner. However, not all stains are caught early enough to be easily cleaned up. When the stain is stubborn it’s time to use stronger methods!

When you’re dealing with a medium or even heavy stain, consider the following technique for a clean up you can do yourself.

  1. Clear away loose debris and dirt from the fabric and blot the area as much as possible.
  2. Use appropriate cleaning solution as a cleaner, such as Guardsman® Stain and Odor Eliminator for Fabric. Read the bottle thoroughly and ensure it is fabric friendly. Even if the label indicates that it is, try spot testing an area of fabric that isn’t visible first.
  3. Pre-treat the area by liberally spraying the concentrated solution and allowing it to soak in.
  4. After using your cleaner, vacuum the affected area. You may need to make more than one pass!
  5. Allow the fabric to air dry.

This process should rid Crypton fabrics of most stains. However, if the stain has set for too long and the above method does not clean it sufficiently, consider contacting a professional.

Professional Stain Fighters

Should all efforts at stain removal fail, please don’t panic. This is when you call your local upholstery cleaner and let an expert handle the rest of the stain removal. At this point you’ve done all that you could with loads of elbow grease. When the stain won’t budge after your efforts, this is when you can comfortably let an expert handle the stain.

If you would like more information about Crypton fabrics, or would like to view a selection of heirloom furniture with Crytpon fabric coverings, visit Amish Oak in Texas at either of our showrooms in New Braunfels, TX, or San Antonio, TX.