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Elegant Hardwoods: Walnut, Ash, And Beach

Trees come in all shapes and sizes, and the types of wood that come from those trees are no exception. In our last article we looked at oak, pine, beech, and mahogany wood, which are all natural types of wood. We will be going over a few less well known types of hardwood here.


Walnut is a unique type of wood. It is usually a medium brown in color, ranging from a milk chocolate color to a medium-dark brown. This type of wood is considered to have straight grains, but these do not run parallel. Unlike a lot of other types of wood, walnut comes in a huge range of colors, but the most commonly used are the medium brown finishes. Walnut is also often used for headboards and mantels. Many antique furniture pieces are made of walnut, as it was used more commonly in the past than it is today. It is a hardwood, with high durability, strong enough to last for a long time. Walnut is unique as well because the outside of the tree is the classic medium brown color, but the inside of the tree has an almost yellow tint to it. Sometimes these variations can even occur within a single piece of wood.


Another type of lighter wood is ash, which has some unique qualities. This type of wood is very much a bendable material, and can be used in a lot of different applications. Often times when you see curved dining room chairs or furniture that has been curved, it is ash. Ash grains run parallel for the most part, and it is considered to have a straight grain. It is a very light wood as well, and not very heavy. It is often used when you need something that can curve, but that needs all the strength it can have. The cost tends to run on the average side of the range.


Beech is one of the strongest woods available, and is one of the lightest in color, but heaviest in weight. Beech is known for being durable, and can take a lot of stress. It also has a grain different from most other types of hardwood. Instead of having wide, spaced out grains, they are very tight and close to each other, with an even texture. Because of its light colors, beech can be used with nearly any finish. Because of this, beech can be used to mimic other types of wood. Like ash, beech wood is also bendable, but not as bendable. Due to its lower cost, it is often used on the parts of furniture not seen by people on a regular basis. Bottoms of drawers, chair legs, bottoms of bed frames, and things like the backs of cabinets. This way it can be paired with more costly wood, so that the expensive wood is visible, and the invisible beech wood keeps the total price at a reasonable level.

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