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Find The Perfect Bed Frame:
A Guide from Your San Antonio Furniture Store

Choosing a bed frame is not as easy as it looks. Sure, the logistics of it are simple, but a lot more goes into the placement of a bed frame than the mattress. The last thing anyone wants is to come home with a frame that is too big for the space, does not match the overall style of the room, or does not fit the preference of the sleeper. Luckily, choosing a bed frame does not have to be a headache. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps!

Step 1 – Check the Height

Are you a climber or a plopper? This is an important question when considering a bed frame because some frames sit close to the ground and some sit off the ground. This difference touches on many factors from age, comfort, height of the sleeper, and physical condition to the use of box spring, cost, and overall style. Remember, the first consideration in buying a bed frame is personal comfort. If you have trouble actually climbing in and out of bed, then a frame that sits closer to the ground is a better option. It is easier to get into as the only requirement is to plop down on it. If you have trouble getting up and down, however, then a bed that sits higher is optimal as you can simply slide in and out. At the end of the day, height is all about preference so go with comfort first and worry about the other details later.

Step 2 – Measure the Room

The bed is the head honcho of any bedroom. It is by far the biggest piece of furniture a bedroom will usually hold. This is why it is important to measure your bedroom before looking for a frame. If the frame is too big it will eat up all the space in the room. You want the frame to compliment the space and leave enough room for other pieces of furniture as well. The main idea is to keep the space usable. This means that once the bed is in your bedroom you can still do other things. One great way to optimize the space in your bedroom is to choose a frame that has storage underneath it.

Step 3 – Find Your Style

Style tends to take a back seat in regards to a bed frame as comfort is king. However, style is still something that needs to be considered. This is a simple thing to configure though, as all you really need to do is ensure the frame matches your walls and floor. If you are going for a specific style then choose a frame that suits it. Modern style, for instance, is best emphasized with a modest frame or a simplistic design. Another consideration is the theme of your house. If your whole house uses rustic decor, then you obviously want your bed frame to have a rustic appearance as well.

Step 4 – Consider Material

After finding the perfect bed frame to compliment your home and bedroom, you’ll want it to last you for as many years as possible. For a long lasting bed frame, many homeowners turn to Amish woodwork. Bed frames made by Amish craftsmen are always made exclusively of sturdy and stylish hardwood. The result is beautiful, solid wood furniture that will last you for decades.

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