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Finish Types And Finding The Perfect Furniture

Making choices about furniture can be pretty overwhelming. Furniture choices run the gamut. It can be difficult to pick between all of the elegant bedroom sets and easy chairs that are available these days. It can be hard to narrow down all of your choices in dining tables, too. Furniture decisions can in some cases get even tougher. For example, there are many kinds of furniture finishes to consider. If you want to make a smart choice that will promote comfort and happiness, you need to make sure that first you understand your options in significant detail.

Opaque and Clear Finishes

People can opt for furnishings that have opaque finishes. Some examples of opaque finishes are latex paint, oil paint, and certain lacquer finishes. People can also go for furnishings, on the other hand, that are equipped with clear finishes. Some examples of clear finishes are certain lacquers, polyurethane, linseed oil, Danish oil, tung, varnish, and shellac.

The Benefits of Different Kinds of Furniture Finishes

If you want to feel confident in your furniture finish choice, you need to understand their specific strengths. Below are several different types of finishes and some of their greatest strengths.

Varnish is a transparent finish that’s known for its incredible durability. It actually beats lacquer in the durability realm. If you notice subtle damage in a varnish finish, you can usually take care of it without having to resort to stripping work.

Lacquer is usually a transparent finish, although there are some exceptions. This is a finish that can come in handy for people who wish to put attractive wood grains on display. People can choose between a number of different lacquer sheens. High gloss and flat options are both popular. Application via aerosol or brush tends to be simple, too. It even dries rapidly.

Polyurethane is clear and is generally stronger than both lacquer and varnish. People who have issues with varnish application frequently prefer polyurethane finishes on their furniture.

Shellac is a furniture finish that is fairly uncommon nowadays. You may occasionally see this finish during the period furniture restoration process, though. People who are familiar with antique furnishings often know a lot about shellac finishes.

Latex paint finishes are a cinch to apply, first and foremost. They’re also great for people who care about hassle-free cleanup processes. Cleaning after latex paint application is never a big deal. This is the kind of finish that can work well on furniture that hasn’t had any substantial neglect or wear.

Danish oil furniture finishes are ideal for people who don’t want to go outside of their budgets. They’re extremely budget-friendly. Danish oil finish application is basic and straightforward. These finishes are extremely strong and resilient. They’re mostly invulnerable to the damaging effects of water as well. If you want to invest in a furniture finish that can tolerate water exposure, the Danish oil route may be best for you.

It’s critical to learn the ins and outs of all of the finest and most beloved furniture finishes on the market. Choosing the wrong furniture finish can lead to difficulties. You should research any and all options that can keep your furniture beautiful and strong for years to come.

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