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Furnishing with Amish Solid Wood Furniture
Ideas from Our San Antonio & New Braunfels TX Furniture Stores

Hard work, discipline, and perseverance have been the anthems of our country since its inception. These characteristics have been maintained in many ways since then, passed down for generations for a sustained culture of integrity. The art and craft of woodworking is one of those hallowed traditions that has persevered, in part, due to the Amish’s dedication to sustained practices. Amish furniture is a staple in American style and culture, and we are proud to provide you with the highest quality furniture around that will bring any room to life with the rich culture we stand by. 

Where Can I Use Amish Solid Wood Furniture?

One of the great things about Amish furniture is that, because it is handmade, it is customizable to your specific wants or needs. This allows you to furnish any part of your home or office with the highest quality pieces available! Here are some examples of the various types of Amish furniture pieces and where you can use them in and around your home. 

Dining Room

A place to gather around with friends and family to enjoy a meal together is a must for any home, and there is nothing more elegant than a classic, solid wood dining room table. One of the great things about an Amish-made dining room table is that it can suit almost any style you are going for in your home.

Whether you love mid century, modern, farmhouse, or formal dining room set ups, we have a customizable, hand crafted option for you! Consider the comfortable vibe of the Saratoga Trestle Table paired with these individual chairs, the very homey feel of this Barn Loft Trestle with a customized bench and chairs, or the subtle formality of this Roanoke Table and Chairs. Your family will love sitting down to make memories at any one of our authentic, quality Amish wood tables.


Not only can you find everything you need to furnish your dining room with Amish furniture, but you can also find some very practical wood pieces for your kitchen. Choose from a wide variety of wood species for your unique kitchen islands. These can be made from brown maple, cherry, elm, and more, with an even wider range of finishes to suit any style. These helpful pieces provide a little more counter space wherever you need them. 

Not only does a custom kitchen island help massively with practicality, but it can also serve as a beautiful statement piece that ties your entire kitchen together. And what could go better in your kitchen or dining room than a customized wood hutch or china cabinet? This is a piece that can stay in your family for generations, as both the quality and style are intended to last through years and years of enjoyment.


As much as we love to work with your interior design needs, we love the atmosphere that well-built outdoor furniture brings as well! What is more classic to the American dream than sitting on a porch in a wood rocking chair, sipping iced tea or coffee, and enjoying the outdoors with a loved one? 

Pieces like this Rollback Glider are a great option for comfortable porch seating to share a relaxed evening with a friend or family member, or if you love the elegance of a classic porch swing, we can customize this option as well. To go beyond seating options, consider enjoying an outdoor meal or activity at this striking Picnic Table or Patio Oval Table with Fanback Chairs. You can also find youth-focused customizable outdoor seating and table options as well.


One of the best places to take advantage of hand crafted, timeless wood furniture pieces is in the bedroom. The elegance that a full bed set can bring your room is undeniable, and you will sleep like American royalty. Or if you do not have the space for a full set, an intricately designed handcrafted headboard can work as an eye catching statement piece as well.

With a bedside table or dresser to compliment your bed or headboard, you will have invested in timeless decor that is both functional and fashionable. These gorgeous pieces of furniture can stay proudly in your family for years to come, allowing many generations to benefit from the beauty and high quality of Amish furniture. 

Office or Workspace 

Whether you have an in-home or offsite office, school age children, or just a need for a general workspace, you can find sturdy Amish-made pieces in every style. With classic and modern office furniture available, you will be able to accomplish all of your academic or professional duties while enjoying the elegance of your Amish wood pieces. 

Imagine your focused attention working or writing at a Shakespear or Victorian style desk. The calm and ease that your workspace will bring to your soul will leave room for the brilliance of your own professional or academic accomplishments.

Everything in Between

Amish wood pieces do not all have to be large, grand focal points in your home. There are many options for accent pieces that are both functional and beautiful that you can enjoy in any part of your home. You can find everything from entryway tables, to hallway benches, coffee tables, and mirrors made by Amish craftsmen. 

Consider the convenience and refinement that a jewelry cheval can add to your bedroom, bathroom, or guest room. And every home needs a bookcase to display your favorite works of literature, family photos, or even your favorite knick knacks. With so many options when it comes to size, style, wood species, and stain, you will be able to get exactly what you want and enjoy it in your home for years to come!

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