Pub solid oak dining table & chairs

Getting Your Furniture Ready for Fall
Cleaning & Decor Tips for Your Solid Wood Table & Other Pieces

One of the many benefits of authentic Amish wood furniture is the durability that comes with it. Unlike other options that are mass produced, your solid wood table and other hardwood pieces will last for generations, standing the test of time. If cared for properly, you can enjoy the refined beauty of your favorite rocking chair, coffee table, or solid oak dining table for years to come! There is no season in which your wood pieces won’t come to life, and with the fall season having finally arrived, we hope you enjoy the natural beauty of your furniture being highlighted with the soft fall colors of your seasonal decor! 

Keeping Your Solid Wood Table & Other Pieces Looking Vibrant

The best part of your solid wood furniture is the incredible depth that the colors offer, often times making the piece a focal point of any room. Upkeep for these beautiful pieces is really simple and often the easiest chore on the family to-do list!


Dust is one of the biggest enemies to your wood furniture, so regular dusting is the best practice in keeping it looking great for years to come. While dust might seem like a minor occurrence, it has big implications for your favorite wood pieces. Luckily, spending a few minutes every few days with a Guardsman® Treated Cotton Dusting Cloth made specifically for fine wood furniture should do the trick! Additionally, to prevent dust from gathering in your home altogether, be sure to vacuum any carpet or upholstery, as well as change the air filter in your HVAC system monthly.


When it comes to accidental spills or condensation from cold or hot glasses, the best approach to clean up is the fastest one. Addressing these sneaky rings that can occur when someone forgoes the use of a coaster (coasters are always recommended!) as quickly as possible is key.  Addressing any accidental rings early will make them easier to remove. Try rubbing petroleum jelly or paste made from a table spoon of baking soda and a little water on the affected area, then wipe it away with a clean cloth. 

Fall Decor

One great benefit of your solid wood table and other furniture pieces is that they are furniture chameleons, meaning they go great with every season’s niche decor! By simply laying a favorite fall plaid throw over the back of a rocking chair, you have dressed it up for those autumn months! Your solid wood table has endless possibilities when it comes to the fall season as well. A thin burlap table runner laying across the middle of your table can act as a canvas for an array of fall favorites while being on theme and protecting the table as well. Place some pine cones in a bowl as a centerpiece, and sprinkle a few different colored mini pumpkins in the mix. Maybe add a few faux fall leaves to finish it off! You will love the way your wood furniture is going to look this fall, and so will all of your holiday guests!

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