Amish wood furniture living room set

Why The Popularity Of Amish Furniture Keeps Growing:
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Amish furniture has been a popular option for homeowners for decades, and the demand for it isn’t decreasing anytime soon. So what makes Amish furniture such sought-after decor? There are many reasons, from its attractive appearance to its longevity and more.

The Tradition of Amish Furniture

The history of Amish furniture and its popularity spans more than a century. Amish furniture pieces started gaining attention around the 1920s. A variety of different styles of Amish furniture developed which can still be found today. Some original pieces from the 1920s can even be seen in the Smithsonian. Despite variations in design, all Amish furniture has a few things in common, such as the craftsmanship that goes into them, their aesthetic, and longevity.

How Amish Furniture is Made

Amish furniture gets its name from the makers – Amish craftsmen. The Amish are a group of Christian fellowships living in traditionalist communities. These communities usually choose not to embrace technology and other modern conveniences, and are known for their plain clothes and lifestyles. 

In accordance with their traditional lifestyle, Amish woodworkers create their furniture using traditional tools and techniques. This adherence to traditional methods results in furniture that is unique in the modern market. Each piece is truly one of a kind.

Amish Furniture’s Impressive Appearance

Authentic Amish furniture is some of the most visually appealing furniture that you’ll find. The materials used in the furniture pieces are hand chosen by the woodworker, so everything comes together seamlessly to create the impressive final pieces. 

Additionally, since Amish furniture is crafted from natural hardwoods such as oak, cherry, maple, and more, it retains its appearance throughout the years. Even pieces that see daily use, such as dining room sets or a favorite rocking chair will stay looking as beautiful as the first day you saw them with minimal care.

Amish Furniture is 100% Made in America

For many Americans, purchasing American-made goods is important. This has slowly become more difficult in the furniture industry over the years, and has made the availability of genuine, Amish furniture paramount. 

Amish furniture is 100% made in America by Americans. When you furnish your home using Amish-made pieces, you are not only getting beautiful, long lasting furniture, you’re also supporting the Amish craftsmen who build each furniture piece by hand, and the families they support.

Amish Furniture and the Environment

Another aspect of Amish furniture that adds to its popularity is that the furniture is eco-friendly. As the world pays more attention to how materials affect the environment, Amish furniture stands out. 

The hardwood used in the furniture is responsibly sourced by Amish craftsmen specifically for each piece of furniture, so that there is very little waste. In addition to this, since Amish furniture is built by hand, it’s production doesn’t result in widespread pollution such as factories produce.

The Longevity of Amish Furniture 

One of the most popular aspects of Amish furniture for homeowners is how long it lasts. Every piece of furniture is made from solid wood and built with time-tested techniques that create both beautiful and sturdy furniture. 

Furniture pieces made by Amish builders can be expected to last for not only years, but even generations. A piece purchased for your home today could last to be used by grandchildren in years to come. Even with daily use, Amish furniture stands the test of time.

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