Solid wood bed frame in bedroom set

Guide To Bed Frame Styles

Your bedroom decor plays a key part in your life because it sets the tone for both the beginning and end of your day. While your living room is on display for your visitors, your bedroom is just for you. Choosing your bedroom decor is your opportunity to customize your personal environment to what suits you. 

When you consider how your day begins and ends in the same place, your bed, it makes sense that the bed frame is often the starting point for the overall design and style of the entire room. Here are some bed frame styles that can help you start to create the bedroom of your dreams!

Sleigh Bed

One of the most popular bed frames is the wooden sleigh bed. This style includes a full foot and headboard combination and can be created with a wide range of natural woods and finishes to suit your personal taste. 

This classic bed can be matched with a wide range of other bedroom furniture as well, so you will not be limited to any particular style – giving you a lot of freedom for the rest of your solid wood furniture pieces. 

The sleigh bed style can be traced back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans, but it rose to great popularity in the 1800’s in France and the United States. This wooden bed frame subtly communicates both class and fashion for your bedroom!

Canopy Bed

The canopy bed (also known as the four poster bed, such as our Imperial bed frame) has been a popular bed frame for some time now, and has seen a return to rising popularity the last few years. 

Even the most modest canopy beds communicate a certain level of grandness of style and taste, and this really adds to the sophistication that authentic wood furniture naturally has. 

Canopy beds can be traced back as early as the 4th century and were very common in medieval times. By draping fabric over the posts, canopy beds gave privacy to the noble men and women who often shared halls with their servants at night. 

Bookcase Bed

The bookcase bed frame is an elegantly styled Amish-made bed frame that offers both style and convenience to your bedroom. By combining the headboard with a bookcase concept, you are given a cozy atmosphere as you settle in for the night – not to mention the extra storage space that this provides as well.

Many bookcase bed frames either come with or can be customized with storage drawer space underneath the mattress, like this beautiful model. This wooden bed frame goes great in any bedroom in your home and can fit in with a wide range of decor choices. 

Murphy Bed

The murphy bed is one of the newer styles of bed frames, as it was invented by an Irish immigrant who was hoping to create more space in his New York City apartment in the early 1900’s. 

Now, not only does this style help for space saving situations, these customized wood pieces make incredible focal points for any room and can be the niche style you desire! Our take on the murphy bed is a classic display that will stand the test of time as a beautiful wooden piece in your home!

Looking for the perfect solid wood bed frame to complete your bedroom ensemble? Visit Amish Oak in Texas, to find the perfect bed frame today!