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Guide To Choosing An Amish Dining Table
From Your Amish Oak Furniture Supplier

Almost every home has one – a dining table. It’s where your family and sometimes friends gather to share meals, talk, or even enjoy a board game night. Many of us prefer to stick with a dining table once it’s in our house, so when the time comes to choose a new one it can seem like a stressful decision. 

Luckily, choosing a new dining table doesn’t have to be hard at all. It only takes a few steps that mainly involve deciding what you like and what will work in your home. We’ve broken down the information you’ll need to know so that when you come in to find the dining table of your dreams you’ll already know what to start looking for. 

Take Measurements in Your Home

It’s important to know how much space you have available for your dream dining table. No one wants to fall in love with a piece of furniture then find out it won’t fit where they want it to. 

To avoid this, take some quick measurements in your dining room before you even start looking for tables. If you still have your old dining table and you like the amount of space it uses, measure the existing table. 

If you don’t like how much space your old table took up, move it aside and measure the space you want your dining table to occupy. If you’re having trouble visualizing the new space, use some small pieces of furniture such as chairs or stools to occupy the area so you’ll know what the leftover space will be like. 

Decide on Table Shape

The shape of your table is a fairly simple decision to make, but it is an important one. The space a square table fills can be very different than that filled by a round table. For example, if your table is near a path people in the home frequently use, such as between the dining room and kitchen, a table with rounded edges might be preferred to one with defined corners. 

Square dining tables are great for cozy family dinners and game nights. They work well as the centerpiece of a room, but leave plenty of space for complementary furniture such as hutches or china cabinets. 

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Rectangular dining tables can be the stunning focal point of your dining room. If you often host larger family dinners or entertain often, a rectangular table is an excellent choice for bringing everyone together. In addition, rectangular tables work well with bench seating if it’s something you’ve considered for your dining room.

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Round dining tables are perfect as the centerpiece for dining rooms that you and your family walk through multiple times a day. These tables can also make an excellent addition to a breakfast nook as they work well in almost any space. 

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Table Leaves

What if you’re looking for the intimacy of a square dining table your family can gather around, but still want to be able to fit extended family during a holiday or birthday dinner? Amish dining tables of every shape, square, rectangular, round, and more, are often offered with leaves that can be used to extend your table during special occasions and safely stored during the rest of the year!

Choose a Material

One of the wonderful things about Amish furniture is that it is completely customizable, and hardwood dining tables are no exception. You can choose both the type of wood and stain used in your furniture piece, which allows a much wider range of options for those trying to match existing furniture. 

If your entire dining room is furnished with solid oak furniture, you can request a solid oak dining table. If your existing furniture has a dark finish and you’d like your table to match, you can request an available dark stain. Amish craftsmen use only high quality, solid wood to create their furniture, so no matter what you choose you know you’ll be receiving an heirloom quality piece.

Why Choose an Amish-made Dining Table?

Amish furniture is built to last, from sustainably sourced solid wood. Once your Amish dining table is home, you won’t need to worry about replacing it for decades. These furniture pieces not only look beautiful, but stand up to daily use without losing their luster.

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