Guide to Our Favorite Hardwoods

Guide To Our Favorite Hardwoods:
From Your Solid Wood Amish Furniture Store

When it comes to decorating your home or office, whole wood furniture or accents take your space to a new level of sophistication! While you might think that you are limited in your options for solid wood pieces, it is actually a very diverse material that can be used in almost any aspect of your home. You can amaze guests with beautiful wood floors, ordain your dining room with a modern saratoga trestle table, or go for a rustic vibe with a barn loft inspired benched seating arrangement. Your kitchen centerpiece can be a beautifully hand crafted wood island, complimenting a wide range of kitchen cabinets. But beyond your many options of what you can do with wood, there are even more choices when it comes to what kind of wood to use! Depending on your style, needs, and personal preferences, there are a wide range of hardwoods and stains available to choose from so you can turn your vision for your home into a reality!

Brown Maple

Brown maple wood is unique from traditional maple, though derived from the same species. It is a very durable and sturdy choice and makes for fine, high end furniture pieces like dressers, armoires, and chairs. Similar to other maple species, brown maple offers the same brilliance in beauty for your furniture pieces while still maintaining a high degree of durability and resilience. 


One of the most sought after woods for American homes, cherry is a hardwood that has a very distinct appearance. With a very fine, smooth grain pattern and a reddish-brown natural glow, it’s no surprise that clients love choosing cherry for their larger pieces like kitchen cabinets and sleigh beds. Rustic cherry is an especially beloved option due to its unique character and its economy compared with premium cherry. Even unstained, cherry wood has a rich color, and it polishes well for an even more defined brilliance! 


Elm wood has a rich history and has been utilized in civilizations dating all the way back to the medieval era in Europe. This is because elm has an interlocking wood grain, which makes it resistant to liquid. This, and its signature strength, makes elm an excellent choice for long lasting hardwood furniture pieces.


Hickory is a hardwood that has been used for practical tools for centuries. Native Americans used the hard hickory to construct bows, and it was also used for wheels on early automobiles. Today, hickory is still appreciated for its enduring strength. Baseball fans can even see the strength of hickory in action as it is the hardwood used to make baseball bats! Because of its appearance and durability, hickory is also a great choice for your hardwood furniture, especially pieces that will be well-loved in your home. 

Whether you are hoping to remodel a space, design from scratch, or just add some accent pieces that are sure to draw the attention of your guests, authentic Amish furniture is the best choice you can make for your space. With such a wide range of woods, we are ready to help you get a little bit closer to your dream home, filled with beautiful and unique pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical!

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