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Keeping Your Hardwood Furniture Healthy
Advice from your solid wood furniture store

There are few pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time quite like your hardwood furniture pieces. Regardless of your design style, wood accents and furniture choices remain a versatile classic, often being the key aspect that adds that finishing touch to a room. In addition to its beauty, wood is also quite durable. When properly cared for and maintained, quality pieces of wood furniture have the potential to last for generations, becoming a centerpiece for your family’s sweetest moments. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your solid hardwood pieces remain those eye catching accents you fell in love with. 

Monitor Climate

Because solid wood is a natural element, protecting it from some other natural elements, such as moisture, can help it retain its classic appearance. This is also the case for humidity. If you find that your home is experiencing some of the occasional humid weather of central Texas, consider using a dehumidifier briefly. This quick and simple solution will help keep your furniture in excellent health and looking just like new.

Dust Regularly

While dusting might have been one of those chores we tried to avoid as children, you can feel excited to regularly dust your beautiful hardwood furniture as it gives you the opportunity to think about the history that is being made and carried along with these pieces. It is important to include gently dusting your hardwood furniture in your regular cleaning schedule.

Dusting can be done with a soft damp cloth or a dusting cloth specially made for solid wood furniture, such as Guardsman® Dusting Cloths. When dusting, gently wipe the furniture and make sure to give special attention to small accents. Doing this regularly helps keeps your furniture looking new for the new memories coming ahead!

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Preventing too much sun exposure is another great way to keep your Amish oak tables and solid wood furniture healthy. Consider strategically placing your furniture in an area that doesn’t see too much bright sunlight, or where curtains will help protect the piece during most of the day. This will help your hardwood furniture retain its original appearance for decades to come.

Choosing your handmade Amish furniture pieces is such an important aspect of your home decorating as you will likely enjoy these pieces for years to come. Keeping your wood furniture well maintained and cared for makes your investment that much more rich and exciting! For more tips on caring for your fine hardwood furniture, contact Amish Oak in Texas, a New Braunfels and San Antonio furniture store carrying a wide array of hardwood furniture handmade by Amish craftsmen.

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