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Stylish Ways to Use Hardwood Furniture in Your Kitchen
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Your home is the place that you should enjoy being most in life. It is where your best memories are housed, where your family bonds, and where human connection unfolds. You want to set a specific tone in your home that fosters these things, and the decor has a lot to do with it. Adding beautifully crafted hardwood textures in well-used rooms like your kitchen helps create a welcoming and homey feel that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come. 

Heirloom Quality Tables

The dining room or breakfast nook table is the perfect place to start when choosing hardwood accents. Regardless of the general style of your kitchen, there is a quality hardwood piece with the perfect stain that will compliment the aesthetics of the room. If you are going for a modern look, an intricately designed trestle table paired with fine cushioned chairs can really turn your room into a comfortable and beautiful place to relax while maintaining a modern edge in your decor.

Hardwood Islands

Adding an island to your kitchen is not only practical, but also gives you an opportunity to add a focal point to your room as well. A well-placed hardwood kitchen island can help soften the typical rigid layout of a kitchen and make it feel more comfortable, as well as add mobile storage space. You don’t have to change your whole kitchen in order to match a new island, either. You can leave your painted cabinets and existing accents exactly as they are and choose a high quality hardwood island with a specific stain that will compliment your kitchen’s style. 

Solid wood furnishings also go well with marble or stone countertops. Imagine your elegant marble countertops alongside a beautiful hardwood kitchen island handcrafted by Amish builders for your home. Combining these classic textures can make your familiar kitchen into one you’ve been dreaming about.

Handcrafted Accents

Custom hardwood accents can add some tasteful color and texture variation to your kitchen as well as give the room a warmer atmosphere. Solid wood bar stools are a great place to start when adding high quality hardwood accessories to brighten up the space. These beautiful pieces can be custom made with a wood species and stain that will add a unique element to stand out in the room.

Larger pieces such as stand alone curio cabinets can also become an attractive hardwood accent. An heirloom quality curio cabinet is a great way to display your fine dinnerware. This type of addition to your kitchen provides a convenient addition to your storage space while also softening the appearance created by your other kitchen appliances.

Whether your kitchen is furnished in an elegant rustic fashion or a modern eclectic style, adding heirloom quality furnishings or sleek hardwood accents can turn your space into a picturesque room that your family and guests will love. Looking for the perfect piece to add to your kitchen? Visit Amish Oak in Texas at one of our furniture showrooms in San Antonio and New Braunfels, TX to see a selection of our heirloom quality hardwood furniture, crafted by hand by Amish artisans. 

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