An Upscale Apartment Living Room With Custom Built Amish Oak Furniture

How To Make Your Furniture Stand Out:
Tips for Highlighting Your Solid Wood Dining Table & Other Pieces

One of the greatest joys of moving into your own place is getting your own furniture and designing your space the way you want it. However, people – especially new homeowners who are new to this process- often find that this is easier said than done. Knowing what styles work and don’t work in a space does not always come naturally, and trying to make it work can feel frustrating at first. However, having your ideal home may not be as out of reach as you might think. Here are a couple of simple factors and tips on how to make your furniture look great in your living space. 

Be Aware of Space

Working with the size of room you have is key to making your furniture look amazing! For instance, if you have a modest sized living area, then a grand sofa paired with an over-sized coffee table will overwhelm the room. Regardless of how beautiful or comfortable the piece is, if it crowds the space it occupies, your guests are more likely to notice the cramped atmosphere instead of your statement sofa. But don’t fear! If you have a smaller space, there are a lot of options when it comes to ornate, authentically handcrafted hardwood furniture pieces that can offset a space perfectly. Sometimes, less is more!

Wall Color

When it comes to color schemes, you need to choose what matters most to you: the color on the walls or the color of your furniture. If you already have some furniture pieces that you absolutely love, then design the rest of your space off of those! Choose colors for your walls that will accent those pieces and cause them to pop in the room. Consider what palette those furniture pieces belong to, grab a color swatch, and go from there. 


One of the best things you can do in any space is to rely mostly on “local lighting” like lamps, candles, etc. Overhead lighting can cause everything in the room to feel kind of dull and melted together. If you have a beautiful coffee table that you love or a finely crafted solid wood dining table, installing a tasteful chandelier above it as opposed to the typical stock lighting can make a huge difference in highlighting your furniture pieces. This is especially true if you do not have access to plenty of natural light. You will want to utilize as much local lighting as possible!


While there are so many excellent options available for wall art, one of the best tricks you can use to open up your space and also not take the focus away from your favorite furniture pieces is to hang a wall mirror. The great thing about mirrors is that you are not limited to what kind, shape, or size, and you would be surprised at how intricately designed a mirror can be while still not detracting from the accent pieces you already own and love. 


Clutter in a space is the number one detractor from beautiful furniture. As stated earlier, less is more! If you have a beautiful vintage vanity in your room, don’t crowd it with a busy design on a rug, a bold full size dresser, and with little knickknack decor pieces. Similarly, a bold solid wood dining table doesn’t need a gaudy table cloth or a flashy set of tableware to stand out. Give the pieces you love the space to stand on their own! Instead of your guests being overwhelmed by all of the things you own, they will be drawn to and admire the core pieces of furniture that you adore!

Get Inspired with a New Solid Wood Dining Table or Other Heirloom Piece

Looking for more tips to help furnish your home in the perfect style? Visit Amish Oak in Texas at either our New Braunfels or San Antonio furniture stores to be inspired by our wide selection of beautiful solid wood dining tables, bedroom sets, offices, and more—all hand-crafted by Amish artisans.

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