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Poly Lumber: Is it Right For You?

If you have never heard of Poly Lumber before, the first thing you should know about it is that it is made 100 percent out of previously used material, which means it was recycled before and can be recycled again after it has been well used and is not needed around the house anymore. Getting its name from its polymer components, poly lumber is simply defined as low maintenance and recyclable lumber. This kind of wood is specifically used for outdoor furniture like chairs, couches, benches, tables, etc. What the poly lumber is made with makes it so that this furniture can weather all of the different seasons including heavy rain, snow, lightning, etc. which is ideal when purchasing outdoor patio sets or anything you wish to put outside.


In 1980, the United States was having problems with big mounds of non-recycled plastics. One company saw this as something they could use and developed a product called Polywood©, the first furniture-grade material made of recycled plastic. Others followed suit, and there was soon a large demand for furniture produced out of poly lumber. To meet this demand, suppliers had to make an easy process that does not produce much waste. Today, furniture manufacturers produce a new piece of poly lumber furniture record-breakingly every 28 seconds.

How is Poly Lumber Made?

Poly lumber furniture, like stated above, is made out of completely recycled materials including milk and detergent bottles. After it’s completed, the furniture is washed with a decontamination material in order to remove anything harmful that may linger from its past usage.

The Positives

  • No Trees are harmed or used to make these pieces
  • Plastics like the milk and detergent bottles mentioned above are re-used
  • This furniture is not only pretty but is very durable and can hold up in any weather

What kind of Poly Lumber Furniture can I get?

Manufacturers make many different types of outdoor furniture out of poly lumber. From regular chairs, all the way to rocking chairs, accessories for an outdoor patio set, benches, tables etc. Each and every one of these pieces can also be stained any one color or multiple colors of your choosing. If you are looking for more than one piece to fit an area like a poolside patio set or a table and chairs for your deck, you can shop by area instead of single pieces.

Taking Care of Your Poly Lumber Furniture

Since these pieces of furniture hold up well in any type of weather, washing them is not something you need to worry about 24/7 to maintain it. But in order to keep your products looking like you just bought them, pressure washing is the way to go. Just be sure to keep it under 1500 psi so as not to ruin the paint job.

As with all high-quality furniture, all poly lumber outdoor furniture sold at Amish Oak in Texas is built to last for years to come as long as it’s taken care of. For more information on caring for your outdoor furniture and other furniture types, visit our Furniture Care page.