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Mixing Contemporary & Traditional Furniture Styles

A great part of furnishing your home is being able to express yourself with your style choices. Two popular styles that homemakers love to mix are contemporary and traditional styles of furniture. A mix of these two timeless options can create a comfortable, attractive space in your home that you and your family will love.

What is Contemporary?

The contemporary style encompasses those styles developed late in the 20th century. Contemporary furniture pieces often make use of rounded or softened lines, neutral elements, and basic form. This style combines well with a variety of textures in the room, and a well placed instance of color to pop amongst the neutral tones notable in contemporary styles.

What is Traditional?

In contrast to contemporary styles, which appeal to the understated, traditional furniture pieces seek to embody elegance. Traditional styles feature more elaborate curves and designs adorning the furniture itself, giving the pieces a timeless appearance that appeals to make homemakers, and those planning to pass their furniture on to the next generation.

Tips for Combining Your Styles

Combining contemporary and traditional styles is an opportunity to give a room its own unique style. Because contemporary utilizes neutrality and basics in its design, pairing it with traditional pieces that emphasize their accents creates a space where one style can complement the other. Below are a few popular tips for deciding how to combine these styles.

Choose a Predominant Style

Choose one of these styles, contemporary or traditional, to be the predominant style in the room. You can choose your favorite, or take a look at the space itself without the furnishings and consider which style would work well with it. Once you’ve chosen the style you want to be most represented, choose your decor based on that style. Use one of two pieces of the opposing style to add interest to the room and highlight the predominant pieces.

Center the Room

One popular decor strategy is to center a room using the non-predominant style you’ve chosen. For example, in a living room space in which the predominant furnishing style was traditional, consider having a contemporary style coffee table. The neutral coffee table will help highlight the traditional furniture in the room without drawing attention to itself. This can be done using the opposite styles as well.

Flexible Elements

There are a few furnishing elements that work well with both types of decor, contemporary and traditional. These are great options to consider using with the predominant or non-predominant style you’ve chosen for your room. These pieces include side tables, mirrors, and art. For example, if your living room space is mostly traditional furnishing, a contemporary side table will often make a tasteful accent.

The Most Important Step…

The most important part of choosing a style and furnishing with it is that you love the way it looks. As mentioned previously, furnishing is an opportunity to express yourself in your home. Your tastes are unique, and as long as they make you happy, your interior decor will be a success.

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