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Protecting And Caring For Your Fabric Furniture

Many people choose fabric upholstery furniture for their homes, some for the aesthetic elegance, and some for the additional comfort. However, fabric upholstery furniture requires some special care to keep it looking and feeling new throughout the years.

Protect Your Furniture

One of the best ways to preserve the feel and appearance of fabric upholstery furniture is to protect it as soon as it’s purchased. Many pieces of furniture are pre-treated with a fabric protector, so always consult a sales representative at purchase to find out if your piece has been treated recently. You should be able to find out when and with what your new furniture was treated. If possible, consider obtaining a fabric treatment when you purchase your furniture. The benefit to doing this is that you already know the treatment will work well on your furniture’s fabric.

Find a Fabric Upholstery Protector

A great option for strong fabric protection is Guardsman® Fabric Defense. If your furniture did not come pre-treated, consider spraying it with a recommended fabric protector. Applying a protector to your furniture makes an enormous difference in its longevity, helping preserve its appearance for years. A quality fabric protector will create a type of “shield” for your furniture, helping it to repel moisture, which prevents mold and mildew, and making it easier to clean up accidental spills that could otherwise leave permanent stains on your furniture.

Prevent Fabric from Fading

In addition to making spills easier to clean, Guardsman® Fabric Defense can help prevent your new fabric upholstery furniture from fading. The best protection from fading is to keep fabric upholstery furniture away from direct sunlight as often as possible. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause the color of the fabric to fade more quickly. However, protecting it with a fabric defense can help preserve the piece’s color, and keep it looking new for much longer. A fabric protector can also help protect the texture of your furniture, preventing roughness.

Treat Spills Properly

However, accidents do happen. When something spills on your fabric upholstery furniture, even if it isn’t discovered immediately, you can still take steps to save the appearance of your furniture. There are many stain remover kits available online and through various retailers. In addition to fabric treatment, Guardsman® offers a recommended kit for stain removal. The Guardsman® Fabric First Aid Stain Remover Kit is designed for many types of furniture, and includes a stain remover system that will work on a variety of stains.

Treat and Protect from Stains

The Guardsman® stain remover system works well for light stains, such as from accidentally dropped food, or from a dark, spilled beverage. It also works just as well on more difficult stains, such as those made by contact with grease, or even tar. Once the stain has been successfully removed, it’s a good idea to reapply a fabric protector to your furniture. This will ensure that future spills and stains are easy to remove, and will keep your furniture looking and feeling just like new.

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