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Protecting And Caring For Your Leather Furniture

If this is your first time investing in leather furniture, then you may be feeling a little uncertain about how to clean it. Leather does require a little extra care, but it can easily be accomplished at home with the right materials. With proper care, leather furniture can look just like new for years after you purchase it.

Recommended Care Routine

For best results, leather furniture requires regular attention. Similar to caring for wood furniture, to care for leather furniture it is recommended to follow a regular cleaning routine that you complete at least once per month. While this may be surprising, caring for your leather furniture is important if you want it to retain its beautiful appearance. Regular monthly cleaning and treatment helps prevent fading, imperfections in the leather, cracking, mildew, and an “old” appearance.

Dust Often

The first cleaning process that should be seen to is regularly dusting your leather furniture. Dusting should be done as often as possible to protect the leather. If exposed to too much dust without regular cleaning, your leather’s finish can become dull. It will also be at risk of gaining scratches. If you’re not sure of the best method to use to gently dust your leather furniture, consider using Guardsman® Dusting Clothes. Not only are these recommended clothes gentle on your furniture, they effectively trap and reduce allergens, and are reusable.

Monthly Cleaning

While you should dust your leather furniture as often as necessary, other cleaning procedures are usually only recommended to complete once per month. One of these processes is a thorough cleaning. While dusting removes excess dirt from your leather furniture, other residue may remain, such as oil and grime accumulated during everyday use. It’s important to use a cleaning product that does not utilize oil so as not to damage the leather. Consider a cleaner such as Guardsman® Leather Cleaner, which comes available in liquid or wipes.

Protector Treatment

Another recommended monthly treatment for your leather furniture is to protect it from substances that may damage it in between cleanings. A leather protector, such as Guardsman® Leather Protector, is recommended to apply to your leather furniture to help it stay looking new for as long as you own it. Applying a protector monthly will help protect your leather furniture from damaging moisture, body oils, and accidental stains. It is generally recommended to apply a protector after your leather furniture has been dusted and cleaned with a leather cleaner.

Accidental Stains

A leather protector will help keep your leather furniture safe from most moisture and stains. However, in the case of accidents, there are steps you can take to save your leather furniture. For example, one issue that can appear damaging is ink stains. Even if your leather furniture has received an ink stain, you can still repair it without having to call a professional right away. Guardsman® Ink Remover can effectively remove ink stains if the stain is treated quickly. It is recommended to use a cleaner followed by a protector after removing the stain.

For more information about leather furniture care and treatment, contact Amish Oak in Texas, or visit one of our showrooms located in New Braunfels, TX, and San Antonio, TX.