Protect your furniture from sun damage

Protecting Your Furniture From Sun Damage

If you’ve invested in quality furniture, you’ll want to make sure that it stays looking new for as long as possible. With a little preventative care, this can be accomplished without much trouble. Taking care of your furniture is easy when you utilize the right conditions and environment for the piece, and take care to maintain it. One of the greatest environmental hazards to fabric, leather, and even solid wood furniture is damage from exposure to the sun.

Be Aware of Sun Damage

When your furniture is positioned in an area where the sun’s rays can reach, it is crucial to make sure that you regularly conduct some maintenance exercises to keep your furniture in good shape. The sun can cause damage to furniture in a variety of ways. The colors of furniture with a fabric furniture can fade and dull, leather furniture can experience cracking, and wood furniture can lose its shine. The easiest way to protect furniture from sun damage is to take care not to expose it to the sun for any prolonged period. However, some exposure is usually unavoidable. In order to keep furniture looking new, protective measures should be taken.

Prevent Exposure

Several simple steps can help prevent damage to your furniture from sunlight and other factors that cause deterioration. As noted previously, preventing exposure to sunlight is the best protection. This can be done in a variety of ways. Moving furniture so that it is shaded is most effective. Using curtains or something similar to dim the light can also be helpful. Some people even have their windows tinted to prevent too much sun exposure to their furniture.

Regular Maintenance

Another step to keep furniture safe from the sun is to keep it well cleaned and follow the monthly maintenance that your furniture retailer recommends. This can vary depending on the type of furniture you have, but in general these are some good tips to consider:

  • Dusting: Whether your furniture is fabric, leather, or solid wood, keeping it clear of dust is a good idea. It’s often recommended to dust your furniture weekly to keep it clean. Dust can increase the damage from sun exposure by further weakening your furniture, so try to avoid it.
  • Cleaning: Using a cleaner on your furniture can also help slow the effects of sun damage, though more so for leather and wood furniture. Using a cleaner does not have to be done as often as dusting, but should still be considered a part of regular maintenance. Choose a cleaner specific to the type of furniture you have for best results. Guardsman Furniture Professionals carry a variety of cleaners specifically formulated for fabric, leather, and wood furniture.
  • Prevention: A variety of products exist to prevent damage to furniture. For fabric furniture there are defense sprays that help protect the fabric from spills and other damage from use. Leather protection products are also available to help protect leather furniture from the natural oils in our skin and other dangers. A large selection of wood furniture protection products are available as well. There are actually multiple ways to protect wooden furniture from damage from use.

Extra Protection for Wood Furniture

There are a variety of methods to protect wood furniture from sun damage and other environmental hazards. Some of these appear below:

  • Varnish – is a coating originating from oil, resins, and solvents. It appears in different finishes running from egg-shell, flat, high-gloss, and semi-gloss. The product can protect your furniture from ultraviolet rays, dirt, water, and the strains of day to day wear. The product can usually be easily applied with a brush or provided applicator, and usually requires a drying period of not more than 24 hours.
  • Lacquer – has cellulose resins that can allow it to dissolve into the previous coat. This solvent-based product can protect your wood furniture from the sun and even repair and cover scratches. Lacquer has an evaporating nature that makes it dry faster. The product provides a hard shell with intense gloss, durability, and long-lasting protection for your furniture.

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