Hardwood armchair from Kimbolton Living Room Collection

Reasons To Buy American Made

One of the most important aspects of our society is the American home. Our homes are our little safe havens from the rest of the world, where we rest and dream and build community with the ones we care about the most. The furniture we choose should promote those same values that we strive for in our lives while also giving us the comfort and security that we want in our homes. For this reason, one of the best choices you can make in purchasing home decor and furniture is buying American made. 

Higher Quality

When you intentionally purchase American made furniture, you can already have confidence that the quality is starting at a much higher baseline level. This is especially true for your authentic Amish wood pieces! You can rest easy knowing that your furniture is being crafted with meticulous care with a long standing history and culture of quality behind it. 

Not only is the workmanship going to be unmatched, but the quality starts well before that with the materials used to create the pieces around which you will build your home and future. You can have confidence that your American made pieces are stamped with integrity from start to finish, and that you will take pride in your furniture for years and years to come. 

Sustainability and Dependability 

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, you probably are not looking for something that will suffice for just the year or season. You want something you can have for the long haul, pieces that will stand the test of time and the trends that come and go. Unfortunately, the trends of late call for cheaply made pieces that are meant to be disposed of not long after purchase. This “throw away” culture has had a negative impact in our society in more ways than one. For starters, these mass produced items are doing a world of hurt to our environment. 

While the price tag might be discounted, the direct and indirect cost in the long run is nearly incalculable. Why continue to rebuy the same pieces every few years when you can invest in something that is higher quality for your family, your home, and the environment? These are the pieces that can stay in your family and be used and reused for generations to come. Approach choosing your furniture with the same intentionality that you want it to be made with!

The Economy

When you choose to purchase furniture that is “Made in America,” you can take pride that you are promoting and enabling a thriving economy for the people in your community. Supporting local businesses is such an important aspect of our American culture, and we must participate in it to keep it alive. 

Local business owners are more likely to put in the work to create high quality pieces because they know that it is going to someone in their own community, unlike mass produced pieces made in warehouses from all over the globe. So not only do you have the benefit of knowing that you helped support your own economy, but you can also rest assured that you are getting the best possible purchase for your money. And what is more American than that?

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