Rosemont Bedroom Collection

Redesigning Your Bedroom:
Advice From Your San Antonio Furniture Store

Whether you’re looking for a new design for your bedroom, or moving into a new home and seeking a brand new bedroom set, you can find the perfect pieces from handcrafted Amish furniture. High quality, beautiful, and made from only natural hardwood, an Amish made bedroom set could be exactly what your new bedroom needs.

Why Shop Amish Furniture?

Amish furniture has become increasingly popular for many reasons. Its quality is one – Amish furniture is handmade by Amish carpenters, so every piece is not only unique, but also made with a practiced, careful hand. Amish craftsmen use only real hardwoods and time tested techniques that result in furniture that is beautiful and strong.

Because of its high quality, Amish hardwood furniture can last a lifetime with minimal care. When you bring home Amish furniture, you can expect for it to last for decades. Even with daily use, your Amish furniture pieces could end up passed down to be enjoyed by your grandchildren. The use of natural hardwood in the furniture ensures that it will remain looking as beautiful as the day you brought it home even after years of use.

Additionally, when you shop for Amish furniture, you’re supporting American-made products. Amish furniture is made from economically sourced hardwood grown in the US. Every unique piece of furniture was skillfully crafted by hand by an Amish carpenter here in the United States. This keeps production in the country, and removes the need for international shipping.

Ready to Find Your Next Bedroom Set?

As you begin your search for the perfect new bedroom set, it’s a good idea to consider a few aspects ahead of time that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, such as…

Size of the Room

Know the size of the room where your bedroom set will be going. Being aware of the physical space you’re working with will help you find a bedroom set that will look exactly how you want it to inside your home. Take quick measurements of the space and write them down for reference when you need them later.

Color of the Room

Know the color of your bedroom. If you’re changing your wall color as part of your bedroom redesign, make sure you know which color you’re going to use. This can be helpful when choosing the species of wood and type of stain you would like your furniture to have. If you’re trying to promote neutral hues, you might like a lighter stain. If the room will be a bright color, a dark stain can help make your furniture really stand out.

The Styles You Like

Know what style you’re looking for. Sometimes shopping at a showroom can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and sometimes it’s something you didn’t expect. However, it’s good to take a moment ahead of time to think about the type of bedroom design you would like most. You can even search online first to get ideas!

Now you’re prepared to find your new favorite piece of furniture! Here are some popular styles to start your search:

A Classic Bedroom Set

When you think about your dream bedroom, you see an attractive, hardwood bed and a classic quilted bedspread. The ensemble may include a tall dresser or a dressing table where you can take your time getting ready in the morning. To make that dream a reality, check out our Classic Heritage bedroom set. This set is reminiscent of one you might remember seeing growing up. A light stain highlighting the natural wood gives these pieces an even more classic feel.

A Rustic Bedroom Set

Settling into your new home or redoing one with more of a rustic feeling? Look for sturdy pieces with a natural finish to show off the beauty of the hardwood used in the furniture. Many rustic interiors make great use of the natural beauty of hardwood. Bedroom sets like our Ouray Setting do a great job of setting a rustic tone. These well-built pieces will look right at home in your country homestead. 

A Practical Bedroom Set

Aiming to make the best use of space with your new bedroom set? The Sonoma Collection bedroom set features a bed with convenient storage drawers built right into it. This provides a practical space saver while also showcasing the beauty of the hardwood you choose for the pieces. This set looks great with a light or dark finish. The spacious dressers also add to the attractiveness of the pieces, as they allow plenty of space for your bedroom storage needs.

An Elegant Bedroom Set

For those envisioning an elegant bedroom setting, look for furniture with more smooth curves and a sleek finish. With a special air of sophistication, our Rosemont Collection satisfies this desire. With a bed featuring a stately, curved headboard, and the option to hang a canopy from the four smoothly rounded posts, this set adds an elegant touch to any home. A dark finish over smooth grained hardwood cherry makes these pieces really stand out.

Ready to bring home your new favorite piece of furniture today? Visit Amish Oak in Texas at either of our New Braunfels or San Antonio furniture stores today to view a wide selection of fine hardwood furniture. Want to take a look at what’s available before coming in? You can now shop our inventory right here on our website as well!