Oak Furniture Office Set

Solid Oak Furniture: Why We Love It
A San Antonio furniture store details the quality of solid oak products

There are many beautiful varieties of solid wood furniture out there. Of those, oak furniture is one many homeowners find themselves searching for, and with good reason. You’ve probably heard your own parents or grandparents praise the strength of a solid oak dining table or desk. In addition to its strength, oak furniture has many qualities that make it one of the most beloved items in home decor.

Its Attractive Appearance

Solid oak wood makes beautiful furniture. Tables, desks, chairs, bed sets, and more that are made from different varieties of oak are naturally attractive. The smooth wood is strong yet elegant, and fits perfectly with many styles of home and office decor. Because of its classic, timeless style, decorators love to use oak furniture in rustic and western decor styles. It can also be easily incorporated into modern, minimalist, and mixed interiors, among others.

Its Longevity and Durability

Homeowners and families have a special place in their hearts for oak furniture because of its longevity. Solid oak furniture is made to last for years, and pieces can be passed down and enjoyed for generations without losing its original luster. As mentioned previously, furniture made from oak is strong, and easily stands up to decades of daily use. The oak dining table that your children sat at can one day seat your grandchildren as well.

The Ease of Care

In addition to its other attributes, oak furniture is simple to care for. Often, all that’s recommended for caring for oak furniture is gentle dusting, and occasional cleaning and polishing. With this minimal care, oak furniture can last for decades while keeping its original attractive appearance. For more information about the best care for your solid oak furniture, visit our page on Furniture Care.

The Wide Variety of Styles

The enduring popularity of solid oak furniture can also be attributed to the variety of types available. There are many different species of hardwoods, and several of them are oak. For example, in our showrooms you can see examples of oak and white oak furniture pieces. The type of finish used on furniture can also add to the variety of appearances available. A malaguania finish will result in a different appearance than an ebony one. This gives homeowners plenty of choices when choosing oak furniture that will fit their tastes exactly.

Its Sustainable Sourcing

Our solid oak furniture is sustainably sourced to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Amish furniture builders have used sustainably sourced wood in their craftsmanship traditions for generations and continue to do so today. Every piece of our handcrafted Amish furniture is American-made which helps limit shipping emissions. Amish craftsmen work with traditional hand tools, eliminating the need for electricity. In addition, they carefully choose the wood for their furniture pieces so that their forests can maintain healthy growth.

Ready to look at a selection of handcrafted Amish oak furniture yourself? Visit Amish Oak in Texas at either of our furniture showrooms in San Antonio and New Braunfels, TX to see our full selection.