solid wood jewelry armoire

Solid Wood Furniture Solutions For Your Fine Items:
Suggestions from Your Amish Wood Furniture Store

Many people today are familiar with the fine woodwork of Amish furniture for everything from beloved rockers to full bedroom sets. However, not as many furniture aficionados are aware of the many different types of Amish cabinetry and fine storage solutions available for your home. Here we’ll look at some of the most useful cabinets we’ve seen!

Curio Cabinets

If you haven’t heard of a curio cabinet, you’re in for a pleasant discovery. Curio cabinets are specialized display cases that can be used to display fine dishware or “curios,” such as collected items that you wish to display together. Any collection can look amazing in a curio cabinet, from collected sets of salt and pepper shakers to delicate figurines representing a certain theme. 

Curio cabinets come in a variety of styles to fit your collection’s needs, from front facing to round. Handcrafted Amish curio cabinets are made of solid wood and glass. They are built using time-tested techniques that will ensure they last for years to come. 

Jewelry Armoires

For jewelry lovers, jewelry armoires can be lifesavers. These attractive cabinets let you store your fine jewelry in a place that will keep them safe and neatly arranged.

True jewelry armoires have a variety of drawers of different sizes that can have dividers or ring pads added for even easier storage. A solid wood top can be raised to reveal a helpful mirror you can use for getting ready on a night out. Many fine jewelry armoires also feature pop open side panels for storing dangling items such as necklaces. 

Jewelry Chevals

Another unique way to store fine jewelry is in a jewelry cheval. A jewelry cheval conserves more space than an armoire usually, and can also come in different styles, all made specifically to keep your best pieces safe. The size can also vary, based on your needs and taste.

These cabinets appear to be full length mirrors that make great additions to your bedroom set. However, sliding the mirror face aside will reveal a velvet interior designed to safely store necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry. 

Kitchen Islands

Many homeowners eventually start to wish for more space in their kitchens, especially after years of receiving dishes and cookware as gifts throughout the holidays. Instead of squeezing your fine serving dishware into your kitchen cabinets and risking its safety, expand with a kitchen island.

Kitchen islands are solid wood cabinets that you can place anywhere in your kitchen. If you need extra counter space and have an open kitchen, placing your island in the middle of that open space can provide much needed extra space. These islands can also be stylishly placed against a dining room wall for easy access to stored table settings. 

More Amish Wood Furniture

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