Spring Cleaning Your Fine Wood Furniture

Spring Cleaning Your Fine Solid Wood Furniture

Spring cleaning is a great chance to give your home a fresh, updated appearance for the coming year. It’s also an excellent opportunity to give your hardwood furniture some quality care. Hardwood furniture is made to last for generations and easily retains its beauty through the years. A little care will help keep your heirloom furniture in great shape throughout its lifetime.


Cleaning Your Furniture


It’s a good idea to clean your furniture regularly throughout the year to keep it looking like new. We all occasionally get busy however, so if you haven’t had a chance to clean your hardwood furniture as often as you’d like, spring cleaning is a good time to give it some attention. There are a few recommended cleaning tips we’ll look at here, such as dusting, cleaning, polishing, and more.


Dust Your Hardwood Furniture


Ideally you should try to dust your hardwood furniture once a week. When spring cleaning comes around, make sure you give your furniture pieces a thorough dusting. Use appropriate dusting cloths for best results, such as the Guardsman® Dusting Cloths made specially for use on fine wood furniture. To dust hard to reach places such as within small design details, use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently remove dust.


Clean Hardwood Furniture Pieces


Cleaning your hardwood furniture is a little different than just dusting. Using a cleaner will remove any particles that dusting did not. There are many options available, so choose quality cleaners for great results. Mild cleaners are generally recommended. For example, a mild soap on a soft cloth can be used effectively to clean hardwood furniture. You can also use a cleaner that’s made for cleaning hardwood furniture, such as Guardsman® Anytime Clean & Polish.


Take Time to Correct Marks


The furniture in your home receives plenty of love throughout the year and spring cleaning is a wonderful time to correct any small blemishes that may have accumulated. Check your hardwood furniture carefully for any small marks. Tiny marks can be easily corrected using a touch-up marker made for hardwood furniture in New Braunfels. Other marks can be fixed as well with a filler stick that you can find at your solid wood furniture store in New Braunfels Tx.