Hardwood table surrounded by matching chairs

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Caring For A Hardwood Table

Fine hardwood furniture is made to last for a lifetime. All hardwood furniture, and especially tables, are made to retain their strength and beauty through the years. To keep your heirloom hardwood table looking like new throughout its long life, follow these simple suggestions:


Do Protect from Marking

You don’t need to hide your table away from the world! Instead, there are a few easy steps you can take to protect it during everyday use. One of the most helpful things to do to protect your table’s surface is to use place mats or doilies underneath items you keep on the table for decoration, or under items you place there such as dinnerware. It’s also a good idea to always use a pad when writing at your table with a pen or pencil.

Do Clean with Appropriate Materials

It’s important to keep your hardwood furniture shining, and your handcrafted hardwood table is no exception. Always use recommended materials and cleaners when caring for your table. For dusting, use a soft cloth, such as Guardsman® Treated Cotton Dusting Cloth. This type of dusting cloth is specially made to capture and remove dust cleanly and smoothly from your table’s surface. If you need to use a cleaner, water based cleaners are usually recommended.

Do Store Table Leaves Properly

If your hardwood table has removable leaves, make sure that you treat them with the same care that you do your table. Protect and clean the leaves as you do the table while they are in use and while they are not. When installing table leaves, lift the table slightly to protect the table legs and joints. It’s best to keep table leaves stored in the table. When you do need to store them separately, store the leaves safe and flat.


Don’t Expose to Heat

An important thing to avoid when caring for your hardwood table is exposing it to too much heat. This goes for items placed on the table’s surface, and the table’s placement in your home. Avoid putting cookware or other hot items directly on your table’s surface. Instead, use a thick place mat to protect the table. Also avoid keeping your table too close to heating vents or a radiator.

Don’t Allow Contact with Moisture

You already know to use a coaster to protect your table from condensation from cold glasses. In addition to this, you should also always use a place mat to protect your table from moisture that might come from other sources, such as a pizza box, or the bottom of a plate carrying hot food. An extra step that can be helpful is to protect your table by controlling the humidity in the area the table is placed.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

Cleaning your hardwood table is an important part of protecting it, and recommended cleaners made specially for hardwood furniture will do the best job. Use water based cleaners, polishes without wax or silicone, and a soft cloth for everyday dusting. Caring for your hardwood table with recommended materials will help enhance your heirloom quality table’s natural beauty for years to come.

Taking good care of your hardwood furniture will help preserve its beauty through the years. Amish furniture is made to last, so with proper cleaning and careful use, your furniture will last for generations. For more information about caring for your solid wood furniture, or to view a selection of our handcrafted pieces, visit Amish Oak in Texas, an Amish furniture store, at either of our showrooms in New Braunfels or San Antonio, TX.