Executive hardwood desk in home office

Find the Perfect Hardwood Desk for a Home Office – Help from our San Antonio Furniture Store

These days many people work from home and spend a good deal of time in their home offices. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or running a business from home, your abode’s office space can quickly become one of the most important rooms in a household.

One of the key items most people require for the their home office is a high quality desk to work from. Whether it’s marginal in size, or a stand-out piece you’re after, a desk is an essential priority for a home office. With countless hardwood designs and styles available, there are plenty of options available to suit every taste. Below are some tips for finding the perfect solid wood furniture piece to fit your home office needs.

Popular Hardwood Desk Styles for the Perfect Home Office

There are a variety of different styles of desk. These styles can be further customized by choosing different types of wood and finishes. Choosing between oak and cherry can change the appearance of your solid wood desk. If you aren’t sure what wood and finish to use to match the rest of your office, take a look at these tips for combining decor. Besides the appearance of the wood, you can also consider difference desk designs, such as:

L-Shaped Desk

Be sure to find the right kind of shape or design of desk to will suit your needs. If you have a lot of space to move around in the room, consider getting an L-shaped desk. Choose from many traditional or modern styles and a variety of woods, such as solid oak, maple, and more. The larger, multi-faceted shape of this type of desk works well for the business professional that needs more space for a large quantity of office essentials such as a larger PC, fax machine, and printer.

Floating Desk

When space-saving is critical to your home office’s success, choose a floating desk. This style is especially popular because the shape of this type of desk works well in any type of room or space. There are a variety of design styles of floating desks as well, making it easy to find something for everybody. From modern, simplistic designs that offer storage space and shelves to fancier styles that showcase more like a hutch, this type of desk is a great addition in an office. Floating desks can also be found in a variety of wood species and finishes.

Student Style Desk

If you’re working on a thesis, or just looking for a family-friendly style desk, choose a more regular shaped student desk that can easily fit into your office space. This style of desk is more basic and linear. There are a variety of styles around to choose from to help find something that works perfectly for you. You can easily find student desks that feature ample storage space for office essentials and also varieties that come in an array of different wood finishes and grains.

Executive Desk

When you’re more interested in a heavier, stylish piece of furniture that “shows off” your home office space, choose an executive desk. This style of desk is a grander piece of furniture because of its more sizeable shape and sturdier construction. There are an array of styles of executive desks to consider when looking for the perfect piece. Many furniture showrooms offer choices from traditional, modern, and rustic designs in order to suit your taste of décor. In addition, there are also countless wood finishes, grains, and stains available too. Solid oak, rustic hickory, and elegant cherry are just a few of the options available to make your executive desk the centerpiece of your home office.

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