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Tips For Finding The Perfect Dining Table For Your Home
From Your Amish Oak Furniture Store in New Braunfels TX

Finding the right dining room table for your home takes some thought. Below are some easy tips for finding that perfect piece for those warm family times.

Know Your Space

First, measure the room, from wall to wall and from ceiling to floor. The dining table should allow three feet of buffer space between table and walls to ensure comfortable seating. The door measurements should be taken as well. Next, think about how many people will normally eat at the table. Don’t forget to add in special occasions like Thanksgiving dinner, when your table may need to seat more people.

Figure Out Which Decor Style Will Complement The Space

If your dining area has a modern design, the table should match. In this case, go for quality pieces with glass tabletops. The lines should be clean and sleek. If your room is traditional, look for solid wood tables with high-end finishes. Rich cherry wood is an excellent option for those seeking a glossy surface. You can also choose carved wood details and curved table and chair legs. Some people enjoy a rustic look. Here the furniture should be chunkier, and distressed wood finishes are common. Trestle tables make charming rustic dining room tables. Hickory, Maple or Oak solid wood dining tables work well, too. Try adding benches instead of traditional chairs for more variety.

Determine Table Size

A table should be the focal point of the room. Remember to not buy a piece too big for a small room. Doing so will make the room seem cramped, and your dinner guests may be bumping elbows. If your family is small, but your house is the place everyone comes for the holidays, consider a small to midsize table that includes removable leaves. It is also possible to use a dining table with multiple functions, like a sidebar in the living room, until company comes.

Consider Table Shape

Most people only think of rectangular dining room tables. Longer rooms look great with this traditional shape. Consider if your family enjoys meal conversations. In this case, a round table may be the perfect choice, especially if the dining space is smaller. Another choice is a square table that adds some drama. There are also oblong table shapes and shorter ovals. One option to consider is a square table that turns rectangular with inserted leaves. A round table with similar leaves could become oblong. These tables offer a wonderful option for creating intimacy when round, and for adding space for company when needed. As you can see, the choice of table shape can make a significant difference.

Other Tips for Dining Room Table Selection

Solid wood dining furniture lasts lifetimes and more. Dark finishes can add just the right touch to your decor, while distressed and lighter shades have the benefit of hiding imperfections, such as scratches, that may occur over the years. There are now a variety of woods and finishes to choose from. In addition, consider using mixed chair styles for intrigue. The heartbeat of your home should be where your family dines. Your table choice should radiate warm, welcoming vibes that draw families closer.

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