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Top 5 Tips For Caring For Your Solid Wood Furniture
From Your New Braunfels TX Furniture Store

Solid wood furniture is some of the finest furniture you can have in your home. These pieces are also some of the longest lasting – what you choose today could last you and your family through years, even decades of daily use. In addition to standing up to years of use, solid wood furniture will easily maintain its original luster with minimal care. Below we’ve gathered a few tips that will help you keep your wood furniture looking like the day you brought it home.

1. Dust Occasionally

Solid wood furniture benefits from occasional dusting. Usually as little as once a week is an appropriate schedule for dusting this furniture. Dusting can be done easily with a soft cloth that will capture dust instead of spreading it. Any soft cloth will do, but for maximum effect consider some options made specifically for wood furniture, such as Guardsman® Treated Cotton Dusting Cloths. These cotton cloths gently remove dust from solid wood furniture.

2. Clean When Needed

Your wood furniture won’t need to be cleaned often, but every few weeks is a good idea to keep it looking its best. To clean the surface of your furniture, use a soft, damp cloth wrung nearly dry and gently wipe down the piece you’re cleaning. If needed, you can use a tiny bit of mild detergent in the water you wet the cloth with. After wiping down the furniture, dry with a new cloth right away. 

3. Do I Need to Polish My Furniture?

Hardwood furniture doesn’t need regular polishing to stay looking beautiful. However, if after dusting and cleaning your furniture if you’d like to add an extra touch, there is polish made specifically for wood furniture that can be used. Guardsman® offers an easily applied spray called Anytime Clean & Polish that can be safely used to give your solid wood furniture a little extra shine.

4. Mind Your Furniture’s Environment

Solid wood furniture does well in many environments. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t help protect it where you can. Part of doing so includes paying attention to where you place your furniture in your home. If you can, put your solid wood furniture where it won’t receive direct sunlight for too long, and ensure that it isn’t placed too near to air vents. This will help keep your furniture looking like new for years to come.

5. Protect Your Furniture’s Surface

Solid wood furniture is some of the sturdiest, as mentioned previously, but you can still take some steps to help protect it when you have the chance. One way you can do this is by protecting the surface of the furniture, particularly for pieces like solid wood dining tables or coffee and side tables you might use in your living room. Simply keeping coasters available for drinks and hot dishes will go a long way toward keeping your furniture healthy.

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