Kansas Trip - Materials

Toto, we’re not in Ohio anymore!

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was to go to the builder’s show in Ohio last week. We really outdid ourselves and bought more than planned but how could we not? The Amish make such amazing things and when you are standing in front of them and they are explaining their craftsmanship and you see it with your own eyes, it’s hard to not buy it all! Quite a bit of it will be here next week so we have marked the tables and beds below down to move them quick!

Also, when visiting one of our builder’s shops, we watched him hand planing and took some of the wood shavings which is what you see in the vases on one of the hand planed tables below. It was too fascinating to pass up so we brought them home with us, too.

Another picture shows a table that we happened upon at another builder’s shop that he was building for one of our customers. Too cool ya’ll! All of it!

Come in this rainy Friday and Saturday, let us make you a cup of coffee and set you free to walk amongst the beautiful furniture that we have in here.

We hope to see you all soon!
Byron and Cathy

A dining room set from the Ohio Builders Show
A bedroom showcased at the Ohio Builder's Show