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Types of Hardwood Finish:
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The type of finish used on a hardwood furniture piece can subtly change the appearance of the furniture to many different requested hues. This is why many solid wood Amish furniture options allow you to customize your furniture by choosing the type of wood, or just as often, the type of finish used on the hardwood. 

The Role of Wood Finish

Wood finish is a coating for hardwood that helps protect the already durable piece, and also enhances its natural beauty by creating shine and depth. These are often qualities homeowners specifically look for in fine hardwood furniture, and Amish craftsmen deliver some of the best results. Furniture with a finish is just as simple to clean as furniture without, and gives a wider variety of appearances for the chosen hardwood.

Types of Finish

There are many different types of wood finish, and as mentioned previously, the finish used can affect the final appearance of a furniture piece. This is a great option for many homeowners that fall in love with a piece of hardwood furniture but who are looking for a slightly different shade. Since Amish craftsmen offer customization, this can be accomplished. Some of the most popular finish names and shades we see requested can be seen below:

  • Honey – This finish creates a light hue, usually very close to the wood’s natural color. It looks great on solid oak pieces, and is a wonderful option for showing off the natural grains in elm pieces.
  • Michael’s Cherry – This finish option creates a tint slightly darker than Honey on hardwood. It brings a thoughtful depth to oak and white oak, and is a favorite for bringing out a unique final appearance when used on cherry.
  • Asbury – At first glance an Asbury finish may look similar to Michael’s Cherry. However, looking again you will notice a more amber hue is given to the wood Asbury finish is used on.
  • Antique Slate – For those seeking a cooler tone in their home or office, Antique Slate is a striking option. This finish tones down the warmer, amber hues associated with those finishes previously mentioned, and creates a grayer one, excellent for displaying grain.
  • Rich Tobacco – This elegant finish creates a darker appearance on the hardwood pieces it’s used for. On brown maple and hickory it makes a particularly attractive tone, darker than Antique Slate, but still warm.

The combinations of type of finish and hardwood species are wide, offering exactly the right tone for every homeowner’s different tastes. No matter what finish you find yourself attracted to, Amish oak craftsmen will create the perfect table or any piece for your home. Genuine hardwood and time tested techniques continue to yield beautiful furniture that will last for decades.

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