Kingsley Dining, a solid wood furniture set available at Amish Oak in Texas

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Old Furniture:
Tips from Your Solid Wood Furniture Experts at Amish Oak in Texas

If your home is furnished with worn out, mass-produced furniture, it may be time to upgrade! When upgrading your furniture, you’ll want to pick new furnishings that will not only look great, but will last for decades without ever “wearing out.”

Replacing your furniture can be a difficult task for many reasons. Deciding if you want to change the overall style you currently have, assessing what you can keep or salvage of what you do have, and parting ways with pieces that have nostalgic significance can all be challenging hurdles. 

Luckily, one option you have is to choose Amish furniture when you upgrade. Amish furniture is handcrafted by Amish carpenters so that it is not only a beautiful addition to any home, but is also built to last. Solid wood furniture made by the Amish could very well be the last furniture you have to bring home.

So if you are experiencing some of the signs below that you need to replace some of your furniture, don’t fret! This is your chance to move away from mass-produced items toward higher quality pieces that you can have for years and years to come!

Coming Unglued

One of the greater downfalls of not having whole wood pieces is that, over time, both laminate and veneer covered pieces will start to show their worth by peeling apart. This is not a great look for anyone! These impostors do not have the sustainability to last for any length of time, and, not to mention, what they have in temporary convenience they massively lack in craftsmanship. It’s not uncommon to hold onto a few pieces like an entertainment system or dresser from either your college or very young adult days, but when the fake wood starts to give itself away, it’s time to replace it with the real deal!

When Amish furniture is described as “solid wood,” take note – this furniture really is created from only natural wood that is hand chosen by the builders and sustainably sourced. These furniture pieces are crafted using high quality joints, such as dovetail joints, instead of glue, so you’ll never have to worry about your furniture giving up on you. 


If your chairs begin to creak as you or your guests sit down, it might be time to consider making a change. If there is structural damage to your chairs, it is likely only a matter of time before they won’t be able to function properly. And no one wants to experience a chair breaking from underneath them! This most often occurs in dining room or kitchen chairs, mostly because of the frequency with which they are used. 

The reliability of Amish furniture is one of the many reasons people choose to use it in their homes. While mass-produced furniture may start shifting and creaking after a few months, Amish furniture is built to last. Made with real, solid wood, your Amish made dining room furniture will remain as sturdy as the day you brought it home, even if it’s the most frequently used furniture in your home.

New Home

The size and style of home you live in will likely influence your furniture choices a lot. If you are moving to a space much larger or smaller than where you previously lived, it is likely you will want to trade out or add to some of the pieces you have. 

Your home is your personal safe haven, and being intentional about how your furniture fits and compliments the space you have is a big part of feeling at home! Don’t sell yourself short by just “making it work” and instead, consider what tone and style you want to aim for. 

Amish furniture is famously customizable since furniture can be made to order. Whether you’re looking for a rustic or modern feeling, the wide variety of Amish furniture designs have something for everyone. You can even choose the species of wood and stain you would like used so that your Amish furniture will look exactly how you want it to.

Need an Upgrade to Solid Wood Furniture?

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