Amish hardwood dining table and chairs set

Amish Tradition: From Tree to Amish Furniture in San Antonio

Unique, handcrafted, quality hardwood furniture that will last for decades – that’s Amish furniture. You’ve heard of it, and admired the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into every piece, and you’ve probably wondered: what makes Amish furniture Amish? What happens between when an Amish craftsman chooses the perfect materials and when you get to see your Amish furniture in San Antonio? Keep reading to find out!

The Makers

Through the years, Amish furniture has been handmade by expert Amish craftsmen. Many Amish communities currently exist in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio, and observe traditionalist customs. Often their communities don’t make use of electricity, or many other modern conveniences, in order to respect their traditions. Woodworking is one of the skills that some Amish families pass down through the generations in their community.

How It’s Made

The Amish don’t power their communities with electricity, and the creation of their furniture is no exception. Each and every piece of furniture is carefully handcrafted. This traditional process is part of what makes Amish furniture so unique and high quality. The pieces Amish craftsmen create are examined at every step of the process to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained from start to finish. From a bookcase to a bedroom set, every piece of Amish furniture is made unique by the touches added by the builder.

The Materials

The materials used in Amish furniture are part of the reason the pieces are famous for their quality and durability. The hardwoods used to make Amish furniture are responsibly sourced, so that deforesting large areas isn’t necessary. The craftsmen also take special care in choosing the perfect material for furniture. Each piece of wood is closely inspected before use to ensure that all the separate pieces will come together to create a beautiful piece of furniture.

The Styles

One of the most loved aspects of Amish furniture is that every piece is unique. There are several different styles of crafting furniture. Two of the most popular today are the Mission and Shaker styles:

  • Mission Style – This style uses bold straight lines to create clean, attractive designs.
  • Shaker Style – This style emphasizes simple designs for durable elegance.

Even craftsmen who use one of these styles also add their own personal touches to give their pieces extra charm. This, coupled with the care put into choosing materials and the customization available, makes every piece of Amish furniture beautiful and unique.

The Tradition

Creating fine, heirloom quality furniture is a tradition Amish craftsmen have taken pride in for generations. The care put into each and every piece shows in the beauty of their furniture and its famous longevity. The tradition of Amish craftsmanship will live in your home, and the homes of future generations, with the same elegant appearance it had the day you first saw it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the tradition behind Amish furniture, or would like to see some pieces yourself, visit Amish Oak in Texas at either our New Braunfels, TX furniture store or San Antonio furniture store.