Scratched Furniture

What To Do If Your Wood Furniture Gets A Scratch

Whether you have a newly purchased piece of solid wood furniture or it’s an heirloom piece, getting a scratch on the piece can be distressing. As with any type of furniture, eventual wear and tear are inevitable, and scratches are no exception. While a blemish on your beautiful wood furniture may seem devastating, there are steps you can take to repair any scratches that may happen. Some methods can even be done at home (remember to always consult a professional before attempting a home remedy on your furniture). Before you know it, your furniture will be looking like new once more!

Repair Tips for Light Scratches

The Tea Method: For light scratches that your wood furniture may accumulate, an effective fix is coloring in the scratch. There are a variety of methods to do this, as a quick search online will show you. A popular fix is using the tea method. This method of repair requires using tea bags. It is important to use only black tea for this fix, as other types can cause dramatic discoloration to your furniture.

To use this method, simply place one of the tea bags in a mug and add a few tablespoons of water to it. Allow the tea bag to soak for two or three minutes. The goal of this method is to have the color of the tea match the color of your scratched piece of furniture. If your piece is especially dark, the tea bag might have to sit for a longer period of time. Once the color matches, wet a cotton swab with the tea, then use the swab to carefully dab the tea into the scratch. It is crucial that any excess liquid be wiped away immediately so that it doesn’t stain the non-scratched area of your furniture. Let the area dry, and afterward the scratch should be colored in. If your furniture piece is dark, you may have to repeat the process.

Touch Up Markers: If you haven’t used a home remedy before and don’t want to risk accidentally staining your wood furniture, consider using a touch up marker. There are a variety of touch up markers available, so finding one to match your furniture’s color should not be difficult. A popular type of these markers is the Guardsman Repair Touch-Up Markers®. These are offered in a variety of shades meant to match many different furniture tones. Simply choose the color that matches your furniture piece and follow the instructions to color in the scratch.

Repair Tips for Deeper Scratches

Filler Sticks: If a scratch is fairly deep, just coloring it in may not conceal the blemish. In this case, consider trying a filler stick on the scratch. Filler sticks are made of a special type of wood putty that doesn’t shrink or discolor. Like touch up markers, they are usually offered in a variety of colors, meant to match as many furniture types as possible. They can even be combined to match a piece more accurately. To use filler sticks, simply purchase a set, such as the Guardsman Wood Repair Filler Sticks®, and choose the color that matches your furniture, then follow the provided instructions to fill in the scratch until it is no longer visible.

The Sanding Method: If a scratch is too deep to color or fill in, it may need to be sanded down. This method is best left to professionals, as it can quickly cause more damage to your furniture if not done correctly. While sanding may seem easy, it’s a delicate art and should be handled by those who know what they are doing. Essentially, what will occur is that, by hand or by machine, the area in question will slowly be ground down with extra-fine-grade steel wool. Then, an oil-based polish that matches the furniture color will be used and soaked into the damaged area. Once it is dry and if it is necessary, the sander will grind down once more to soften the area and make it look natural.

Whether you choose to repair the scratch in your wood furniture at home, or end up bringing it to a professional, know that there are many ways to repair scratches of nearly any depth. So if your furniture does get a scratch, don’t panic. There are many effective repair options available. For more information about repairing solid wood furniture, or if you would like to view our showroom, visit Amish Oak in Texas at either of our locations in New Braunfels, TX and San Antonio, TX.