Old century wine buffet

Wine Storage Options From Amish Furniture
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There are many benefits to decorating your home with authentic, solid wood Amish furniture. The high quality wood is ready to withstand decades of use, which is a necessary convenience considering that well maintained wood furniture is always fashionable. 

Aside from the practicality this investment brings to your home, it also offers a certain level of sophistication and charm as well. The maturity communicated through customized hand crafted wood furniture is subtle but strong. And what better accessory would there be for a sophisticated space than a well placed wine rack? 

Like a fine aged wine, authentic Amish furniture is cultivated through tradition and culture, making it the perfect choice for your wine collection. Whether you enjoy a glass nightly, only on special occasions, or are simply a collector, we have display and storage options that are right for you and for your home. 

Things to Consider about Wine Storage

Choosing the right wood piece for your wine storage or display revolves around a few basic questions about you and your lifestyle and preferences. 

One important factor is whether or not you are eager to display your whole wine collection, just want a few standard bottles out, or you prefer to have your wine reserved and tucked away for specific occasions. This might depend on your personal style, stage of life, or who is in your household at the time. 

Another thing to consider is in which room you want your hand crafted display for your cherry, merlot, and cabernet. While some folks love to have their wine stored in the cooking or dining area, some lean towards a more classic den or sitting area setting – an oasis dedicated to relaxation and conversation, and the perfect place to put an Amish wood furniture piece to offer the sense of culture you are striving for. 

Classic Amish Options for Wine Storage

The grand wooden hutch is a staple in Amish furniture, and it is also a great focal point for a dining room, kitchen, or living room. This Old Century Wine Buffet and Hutch can serve you and your home in many ways, in addition to being a classic and beautiful piece of furniture you will cherish. 

This is especially fitting for those who love to always be ready to share a glass of wine with a friend or family member as it allows for both bottles and glasses to be right in arms reach, ready for use. With the many drawers and abundant cabinet space, you can have any accessories or additional bottles stored for your convenience. 

This piece allows you to proudly put your best bottles on display while also impressing your guests with the elegance and charm this hutch brings to any room you choose to place it in. 

Buffet Options for Wine Storage

This Harvest Buffet and Wine Rack is a more subtle display compared to the hutch option. As opposed to having your favorite wines right at eye level, this option keeps the elegance of the Old Century Hutch, but it maintains a level of meekness with your bottles tucked a little more out of sight. 

This option still offers you the convenience of an easily accessible wine rack and the beauty of hand crafted solid wood furniture. A buffet wine rack goes great in any kitchen or dining room, allowing you the storage space you desire for various utensils, dishes, and whatever else you might fancy for an elegant night in. 

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